This Japanese Cocktail Concoction is a Blast from the Past, and Perfect for Your Next Zoom Party

Nationwide Food Stayhome 2020.05.08
Japan is heating up, and the people of Tokyo are shedding their winter clothes and reaching for some refreshing beverages... within their own homes.
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    A favorite among fruity, sugary alcoholic drink lovers across Japan, Horoyoi don't receive nearly the same scorn endured by similar drinks in other countries (such as Smirnoff Ice). Perhaps that's because the canned cocktails are undeniably tasty, and at only 3% alcohol, are easy for even those with low-tolerances to sip throughout the night. The huge variety of fruity flavors and seasonal editions certainly doesn't hurt, either.

    So it's no surprise that the new Cream Soda Sour flavor (AKA Horoyoi Melon Soda Taste) is making a bit of a splash on Japanese Twitter. Literally.
Sure, plenty of people have been enjoying the drink straight from the can, but the COVID-19 lockdown has inspired quite a bit of creativity among the Japanese population, and it extends to their mixed drinks. With all this time on our hands as we quarantine ourselves and practice social distancing, how better to spend it than making extravagant (and mildly alcoholic) drinks?

The drink of choice has been the Horoyoi ice cream float: a mix of fruity balls of sorbet and the new limited-edition Horoyoi, topped with a good scoop of vanilla ice cream. Satisfyingly retro and undeniably delicious, the drink brings the diner to you. Perfect for sipping in the safety of your own home, as you chat away with friends over Zoom, Skype, Discord and the like.
If you're in Japan, the recipe is simple! Grab a package of Aisunomi (アイスの実) melon sorbet balls, a cup of vanilla ice cream, and of course a can of the very popular Cream Soda Sour Horoyoi.
And you've got yourself a drink in no time! (Just be careful not to go overboard with your Horoyoi like this poor Twitter user.)

With so much time spent at home worrying about the state of the world, the drink's refreshing flavor and fun retro feeling offer a nice break from the monotony! Of course, the drinking age in Japan is 20, so younger readers can always try the dressed-up ice cream float with plain old melon soda - another uniquely Japanese experience of its own. Let us know how your green cocktail tastes on the Japankuru twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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