High Quality All-You-Can-Eat Experience @ Hassan in Roppongi

Tokyo Food 2016.03.18
Enjoy sushi, Kobe beef sukiyaki, delicious meat in the shape of the mighty Mt. Fuji, and shabu-shabu....
  • WELCOME to Roppongi! 
    WELCOME to Roppongi! 
    Upon exiting Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station [Exit 3], venture exactly 100 steps to the left and you'll run into Hassan.
    Address: Denki Building B1F, 6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
    TEL: 03-3403-8333
  • Japanese cuisine in a ZEN style interior
    Japanese cuisine in a ZEN style interior
    The stunning warm feel of the wooden architecture makes you feel comfortable after even sitting foot in for the first time. The perfect setup for a meal that will put you into  a food coma... Enjoy your meal in a private room for a party or for two full of the sensibilities of "ZEN"

Introduction to Hassan's all-you-can-eat!

:::Hassan all-you-can-eat set::: (※ Reservation in advance is required)
The set includes: - appetizers
- Sushi made with fresh seasonal ingredients
-A4 grilled beef
- Kushiage (fried skewer)
- Various vegetables and sauce
Fee: 9,000 yen, per person (tax included)
Reservations: WEB or TEL
WEB reservation page 
TEL: 03-3403-8333
  • First things first! Appetizers
    First things first! Appetizers
    Is there really a point to having appetizers at an all-you-can-eat?! We'd like to say YES! Talk about truly serving up something delicious!
  • Meaty meats
    Meaty meats
    Bringing the focus over to the meat and what really makes it so good? The combination of spices used to season it? Or maybe the dripping wet juiciness of it? ... If by now you're not already worked up as much we are you should check your pulse and make sure you're still living! ^^
  • Going green
    Going green
    The satisfaction of eating the grilled meat is only topped by the addition of various flavors wrapped in vegetables including lettuce, paprika, carrots, and white raddish, etc...
  • Sauce game strong
    Sauce game strong
    Take your pick of sauces that include red pepper paste, wasabi, or yuzukosho to unleash the ultimate flavor of the beef!
  • Everyday I'm wrapping!
    Everyday I'm wrapping!
    Wrapped in juicy vegetables, grab your new favorite beef and enjoy a surge of flavor! You can also add the earlier mentioned sauces for an extra kick!
  • O-sushi
    The second and equally as important part of the menu is another delight that can't be missed.. The sushi. Tuna, sea urchin, negitoro, line the fully order-able menu and to make matters worse, seasonal fish also make their appearance. How will we ever choose now?....

Bite into a delicacy: Kushiage

Taste and shape alike are lovely. Bite sized pieces of kushiage (skewers) to wet your appetite. With meats/fish such as pork, chicken, shrimp, dumplings and vegetables like taro, sweet potatoes, asparagus to shellfish such as scallops. The aroma itself will get your chopsticks hovering over it pleasantly crunching your way through each one.

Shabu-Shabu & Sushi Hassan

Come to Roppongi to experience the gourmet side of Japanese cuisine and to exceed your expectations. During a family trip this venue is highly recommended to truly get a wide variety of dishes that the whole family can share and get the unique experience of trying many different types of Japanese food.

Basic Info
NameShabu-Shabu & Sushi Hassan
AddressB1F, 6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
StationRoppongi exit 3, 2-minute walk
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