Tasty Conveyor belt sushi at "GINZA NUMAZUKO" in KIRARITO GINZA

Tokyo Food Sushi 2015.10.06
\"Conveyor belt what!?\", you may be thinking... Well, just think of it as a a mix between sushi, and a merry-go-round. A SUSHI-GO-ROUND!!
  • Enjoy the dynamic atmosphere
    Enjoy the dynamic atmosphere
    You know it's fresh when it's literally made right in front of your face. The chefs at the sushi bar are made up of some of best chefs around.

    The head Chef of "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza" has won an award on a Japanese TV show called "TV Champion."
    Although we are no chef ourselves, we saw his skillful technique with a knife, sensed his enthusiasm and were instantly impressed.
  • Here is sushi filled with
    Here is sushi filled with "Mt. Fuji amount" of fresh uni (Sea urchin) / 1,000yen
    The fresh taste of sea urchin combined with an amount in the shape of Mt. Fuji gives this dish it's name. What a ultra-dreamy sushi! We were surprised to see such a delicacy in a Kaiten-zushi shop.

    ※Mt. Fuji amount means a large amount.
  • Assortment of Dishes
    Assortment of Dishes
    Enjoy crispy tempura, delicious grilled gintara, sashimi, shirasu, and just plain sushi. There is a dish to suit everyone's tastes at Ginza Numazuko!

  • Recommendation of Sake Sommelier
Ginjo shibotate nama-zake / 720ml 3,200yen
    Recommendation of Sake Sommelier Ginjo shibotate nama-zake / 720ml 3,200yen
    Tokushima produced fresh sake is stored in aluminum cans. It is said that Japanese sake is getting popular in New York recently. At about 18% alcohol, it is a little bit highly-concentrated, but its slightly sweet taste and fresh smell is it's attractive point. Simple yet excellent quality Japanese sake. 
  • Keeping rotating,Keeping eating lol
    Keeping rotating,Keeping eating lol
    As the sushi keeps rolling around, take as much as you can until you're full! With each plate more delicious than the last, you're sure to fill up quickly!
High Quality Ginza Sushi
High Quality Ginza Sushi
Made by fresh ingredients, produced my professional chef, to enjoy this excellent class of sushi it really doesn't matter whether you're eating at the counter, or at the tables. The main draw of kaiten sushi is to relax and eat what you like at your own pace!

Craving sushi in Ginza?
Missing sushi in your Japan trip?
Well we recommend "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza" to you!

Come on down and take a look! ^^

銀座沼津港 "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st"
Open Hours:  11: 00-23: 00
(Last order: Dish 21:30 / Sushi 22:30)
Tel: 03-6228-7171

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