Large Shopping Complex in Front of Osaka Station: Grand Front Osaka

Kansai Shopping Grand front osaka 2019.02.21
Offering 266 different shops covering everything from international fashion brands, lifestyle goods, world-class restaurants, a rooftop terrace, and more!

Osaka's Representative Shopping Facility Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka is a super large commercial facility located in the northern side of Osaka Station. Being in the heart of Umeda, this shopping complex has about 270 stores ranging in fashion, miscellaneous goods, restaurants, and more making this shopping paradise.

Osaka's Landmark

  • Grand Front Osaka opened in April 2013. Being located in the northern part of Osaka Station and Umeda Station, which is the busy downtown area of Osaka, this futuristic shopping mall is a popular hangout spot among locals.

    In addition, the InterContinental Osaka, which is the finest luxury hotel in Osaka, is located in the building and is highly recommend to those seeking high-quality luxury hotels in Osaka.
Grande Front Osaka Is Made up of Four Buildings
1. South Building: Fashion, miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, restaurants, etc.
2. North Building: Daily necessities, furniture, restaurants, event halls, showrooms, hotels

There are places to eat local Osaka food, as well as fashion, home living goods, name brands. There is so much to see and do that it could easily take a day to walk around it all.

Large-Scale Shopping Mall with about 270 Stores

The biggest feature of Grand Front Osaka is that you can enjoy various types of shopping due to the huge number of stores available. There are shops for everyone regardless of age, sex, personal taste, which makes it a nice place to visit whether you're with a group of friends, loved ones, or by yourself.
Shopping isn't the only thing to do here. For example, The Lab., which is a facility where you can check out some of the most advanced technology. Illusion phenomenon utilizing VR, wear various costumes just by operating your hands, and more. It is almost like a look into what the future could become.
Eating is also a must! There are many restaurants in Osaka that are said to be "a fierce battle zone of delicious shops" (美味しいお店の激戦区) in Japan, and it's for that reason that many tourists don't know where and what they should eat. Grand Front Osaka solves that issue since you can eat some of Osaka's famous food like okonomiyaki or other international food and it all be in the same vicinity.

Check out Our Video of Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka is a great place to recommend when going to Osaka, especially those who like walking around and shopping. If you get the chance to go and it fits into your schedule you most definitely should, even if it is just to have a bite!
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