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Tokyo Shopping 2016.01.05
Have you heard of "no more rules" on TV commercials? Maybe you have already heard that KATE is one of Japan's leading cosmetics brands, Kanebo!...

KATE Tokyo calls to you

Kuroki Maisa is a model well-known from the  KATE commercials being aired recently!
Her unique exotic face and style represent the concept of KATE very well!
Because of her beauty KATE Tokyo has seen quite a following from girls aged 10 to 20.

KATE has been on the top of the self of the makeup cosmetics market in Japan for 13 consecutive years. 
"TOKYO" has been added to its original logo, showing the KATE is trying to make its brand name one of the representatives of Japanese fashion and beauty worldwide. After that we've introduced the brand, now off to apply some makeup!
  • Makeup Kits
    Makeup Kits
    Please check JAPANKURU BLOGGER for exact information, but these 5 products make up the KATE Tokyo makeup line. 
  • Professional Assistance
    Professional Assistance
    We enlisted professional to apply the makeup for this story but fear not, the makeup kits were designed to make it easy even for the least experienced person to apply the makeup.

    The darker the line is, the stronger the eyes look! KATE is proud of its Brilliant BLACK SHOCK! A 0.03 mm thick eyeliner pin. You can easily control the thickness of the line! 
  • Precision equipment
    Precision equipment
    As per advice from the professional, if you'd like to apply a good eyeliner, you must fill in between the lashes very carefully. This will make your eyes appear more profound and lively.
  • Next, the eyebrows
    Next, the eyebrows
    Lately, the bushy and linear eyebrows have grown in popularity recently. HORIMAYU (meaning digging in Japanese) is another technique for getting the right look for your eyebrows. This process effectively draws shade for the eyebrows in order to give a more natural, somewhat thicker appearance.
  • # What do you mean shade eyebrows?
    # What do you mean shade eyebrows?
    Simply drawing a straight line below the eyebrows at first! After drawing a line, you use the same brush to just fill the color. It is like drawing a linear eyebrow. You're shortening the distance between the eyebrows, but it'll give the illusion of reshaping your face line.
  • Shadowing next
    Shadowing next
    The junction of the tip of your eyebrows and nose is called the trick hole. This specific place can be used to reshape your facial expression. 
  • Attention to detail
    Attention to detail
    It's often said that the pinnacle of the face is the eyebrow, which helps to determine facial expression. To make a change here, is to change the person's entire perception. Please make sure you take special care to apply correctly here!
  • Before applying mascara, first, let's improve the volume of the eyelashes.
  • Eyelash game on fleek
    Eyelash game on fleek
    Here are some basic tips! Before applying a dark color mascara, it is better to apply other eyelash care products first! Doing so will protect the delicate eyelashes and maintain the curliness of the eyelashes!
    This is also good to strengthen the long lasting effects before applying the black mascara.
  • Applying mascara
    Applying mascara
    Yes!! Finally!!!
    You may have already carried lipstick with you, but it's also a good idea to start bringing mascara as well. Just another piece to the fully inclusive KATE collection. 
  • # Last but not least
    # Last but not least
    Apply the red lip gloss to make your lips look sweet and brilliant! Something to note about this red lip gloss is that it's actually not too red at all. It's more of a natural red, giving the impression of a smooth tone to the face! Lovely!!

The Result

We have created a brand new you! Such a dramatic change can be made on anyone with the right tools and time. Luckily, KATE Tokyo offers the right tools to get a job like this done! Can you notice the characteristics of KATE's makeup? Unlike utilizing a black color, the brown color matches the face the best, giving a softer, kind expression.
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