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Kansai Shopping Shinsaibashi 2019.12.24
When taking a trip to Osaka, nothing comes more highly recommended than an afternoon spent shopping in Shinsaibashi, snacking along Dotonbori, and taking pictures imitating the giant neon Glico man billboard. Osaka is already a great spot for enjoying urban Japan and absolutely shopping till you drop, and within the city, Shinsaibashi is a busy, stylish hub where many major brands have built flagships and massive multi-floor complexes. When you're in the market for high-tech workout wear, sportswear, or running shoes, and just generally shopping for athleisure wear, Under Armour Brand House Shinsaibashi is the obvious destination!
Under Armour in Shinsaibashi


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  • If you love to work out, love to run or lift, love to be on the court or on the field, or just love to lounge around in some comfy duds while staying stylish, you'll no doubt be adding a few Under Armour items to your shopping list while you visit Japan. So after we recently wrote about the brand new Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku in Tokyo, we knew we had to see another of Under Armour's major Brand Houses, Under Armour Brand House Shinsaibashi (the only one in western Japan)!
  • The three-story building is absolutely packed with sportswear for sports of all kinds, running clothes and shoes, limited-edition goods, and all kinds of products great for workout-lovers and athleisure wearers, including some of Under Armour's tie-up merchandise. To put it simply: heaven for Under Armour fans!

    Under Armour Brand House Shinsaibashi
    Kokumin Shinsaibashi Bldg, 3-5-15 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
    Hours: 11:00 - 21:00
    Official Page (jp)
Sportswear of All Kinds


  • Whatever sport you play, you'll have no trouble finding what you need in Shinsaibashi - this Under Armour Brand House has separate sections for different sports! Here we've found ourselves in the basketball corner.
  • If your love of basketball goes beyond shooting some hoops, you'll know who this guy is. Six-time NBA All-Star and three-pointer pro Stephen Curry is a spokesperson for Under Armour's basketball lines, drawing some real attention to the brand's on- and off-court gear.
  • For fans of the athlete himself, Stephen Curry's sleek SC goods, like this simple hoodie, are a fun souvenir (or a memento from your time in Shinsaibashi)!
  • And the t-shirts make for excellent practice wear.
  • Of course, Under Armour is no novice when it comes to the great strides made in basketball shoe technology in recent years. These stylish kicks look just as good on the sidewalks of Osaka as they do on the court.


  • America's pastime has made it big in Japan, which means you'll find some great baseball wear in Under Armour Brand House Shinsaibashi! In fact, high school baseball is so popular in Japan, the national high school playoffs are broadcast on Japanese TV every summer, which gives the players a good chance to show off their most fashionable and functional warm-up wear. The trend these days? Stylish Under Armour top and bottom sets.
  • Under Armour also has some pretty cool team merchandise for the Yomiuri Giants, a pro team based out of Tokyo. Grab a shirt in Osaka and wear it when you get to Tokyo for extra cool points.


  • Golf tends to have a strict dress code, but Under Armour offers a wide range of styles that work within it. If you've ever seen American golfer Jordan Spieth looking stylish out on the green, that's thanks to his sponsor, Under Armour, providing some great options.

    Of course, it's not just a matter of fashion, you can see the soles of those shoes are made to keep you steady on the grass, so you can concentrate on your game.
  • Keep the glare away with these simple Under Armour caps.
  • Under Armour's comfortable long-sleeve polos are a must-have, as they'll wick away sweat under the hot sun.
Gear for Runners


  • Aside from the basketball and golf shoes we've already gone over, Under Armour divides its sports shoes into three varieties: running shoes, heavy training shoes, and general sneakers.
  • The slightly different shape of these training-focused shoes might surprise you, but it's actually an intentional choice that helps keep your center of gravity centered on the soles of your feet, giving you better results.
  • These running shoes, on the other hand, are made with special, highly-elastic materials that easily conform to the unique shape of your feet, narrow or wide. This particular model was designed with marathon-runners in mind, meaning they'll go all the way with you. (Ready to set a new personal best?)
  • Wearing shoes that don't fit your foot shape can result in painful blisters, or even deform your toes! Don't risk it!
  • You can see the way the Under Armour running shoes fit perfectly on the foot, like a sleek, supportive sock. This pair even skips the laces, meaning there's no undue pressure on the top of your foot. Highly recommended for long days sightseeing in Japan, or trips to the theme park when you'll be on your feet all day.
  • The men's sizes also come in some unique color combinations.

Running Wear

  • Taking care of your feet with great running shoes might be a vitally important part of running regularly, but some good running clothes can make a big difference in your experience. Wear the right outfit and you'll immediately feel a little lighter on your feet, helping you beat your own records in no time.
  • Ever worn a hat made just for running? Regulate the heat on your scalp, and keep the sun out of your eyes as a bonus!
  • Lots of the new technology and ideas that go into Under Armour's products are about improving athlete performance, but sometimes they implement ideas that just make life a little easier! Don't worry about your phone flying out of your pocket or dropping out of your hand during a run - just slip it into this little sleeve in the front of these running shorts.
  • And if you're the kind of person who goes from hot to cold to hot again in no time, they've got the jacket for you.
  • This little jacket is an extra layer that folds down so small (and light) it's like you're carrying nothing at all, but you can pull it out in a matter of seconds when you start to feel a chill.
  • Strap it to your arm before leaving the house, and you'll be ready to run in any weather!
Our Other Recommendations

① The Undershirts That Started It All

  • At Under Armour, everything began with simple, high-quality undershirts. Founder Kevin Plank, unhappy with the uncomfortable, sweaty state of his undershirts post-football practice, thought there must be a better way. So, he made one! With Prototype #0037, an undershirt featuring soft, high-performance material, a new generation of base layers was born.
  • These days the tops come in all kinds of variations, including seasonal winter and summer versions, to keep you comfortable year-round.

② The Muscle-Supporting RUSH Series

  • Under Armour's series of RUSH products is just another step towards their mission of helping athletes deliver their very best performance.
  • The mineral-infused RUSH material absorbs the heat energy emitted by your body and reflects it back into your muscle tissue, which they say helps with blood circulation and oxygen absorption.
  • Wearing it both during and after exercise can help with muscle recovery, and help increase flexibility (and so prevent injury), helping athletes stay in peak condition.

③ Warm Winter Jackets

  • If you live somewhere with cold winters but still want to go for a run outside, or if you just like to stay toasty-warm, try out an Under Armour coat! They come in both short and long lengths, but since the long ones even keep the tops of your legs nice and cozy, they're especially popular.
  • The sleeves feature thumb holes so they work like little glovelets, protecting the palm and back of your hand from the cold. It's thoughtful little details like this that make the coats a consistently popular item over the years, as designs and colors vary.

④ Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson + Under Armour

  • Love The Rock? Yeah, so do we. The charming wrestler-turned-actor still works out hard and maintains an impressive physique, which is why he's a clear choice for a collaboration with the Under Armour brand.
  • His bull-shaped logo can be found on a wide variety of products, including plenty of women's wear!

⑤ Sports Bras for Every Athlete

  • No matter what kind of exercise you're into these days, between the varying styles and levels of support, Under Armour has a sports bra for just about everyone.
  • Wide underbust bands keep a comfortable hold on your body, so they don't dig in or slip around, even during yoga and pilates.
  • If you like to maintain an extra bit of flashy fashion even when working out, check out the nice details like the zipper on this little number.
  • Ever had to struggle to peel a sports bra off post-workout? Struggle no more! Under Armour makes bras so stretchy that they feel like a second skin when you want them to, but are easily pulled off when you're ready to change out of them.

⑥ Children's Wear for Busy Kids

  • An obvious choice for the explosive energy of kids, Under Armour probably makes more children's sportswear than you knew! The comfortable materials are great for kids who love to run and play.
  • And kids won't get stuck on the sidelines fumbling with untied shoelaces - Under Armour has plenty of velcro and elastic options!

Ready to Get Up and GO? Get to Under Armour Brand House Shinsaibashi!

  • Whether you're a pro athlete, a workout enthusiast, or none of the above, the stylish options found at Under Armour Brand House Shinsaibashi might just convince you to take up something new! And with Under Armour's history of supporting up-and-coming sports stars, who knows? You could be next!

    Under Armour Brand House Shinsaibashi
    Kokumin Shinsaibashi Bldg, 3-5-15 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
    Hours: 11:00 - 21:00
    Official Page (jp)
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