The Mezmorizing lights of the Beautiful Karuizawa Shopping Mall

Chubu Shopping 2016.02.10
We took a short trip to a resort in Nagano Prefecture (長野縣) on Japan's Honshu island (本州) called \"Karuizawa (軽 井 沢)\". This international resort set in the Highlands National Park sits at the foot of a plateau in an area called Asama (淺 間 山)....

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

The Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza is a vast mall located directly next to Karuizawa Station in Nagano Prefecture. It features a huge shopping mall with fashion, accessories, outdoor, luxury brands
 and a variety of restaurants. It's unique with its mix of high quality lifestyle, deluxe rooms, interesting decorations, and fascinating people. The landscape is filled with far reaching white snow, calm waters, scenic vistas and more places to eat at than you possibly can.

389-0102 Nagano Prefecture, Kitasaku District, Karuizawa Karuizawa
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  • A Slice of Hawaii in Nagano!?
    A Slice of Hawaii in Nagano!?

    Stave off your cold & hunger with a slice of Hawaii Before you start shopping fill up on some delicious burgers! Our first stop is the world famous Hawaiian burger shop KUA`AINA. This large shop can barely keep the delicious aroma of burgers inside it's doors and the staff are quite friendly too!

  • Store Information
    Store Information
    KUA`AINA has come up since it’s humble beginnings in Hawaii. They now have stores in the Hawaii, London, and Japan. A collective 27 shops operating throughout the world

    "KUA`AINA" (Aina Kuah)
    Burger Restaurant
    Location: E (East) - 03

Find what you’ve been looking for! Outlet Shopping

Due to some renovations in the 1970s, new overseas leading brands have been introduced, most notably the Japanese shop (BEAMS). Some of the Beams stores located in the Karuizawa Outlet Mall have it all including menswear, women's wear, and children’s wear.

BEAMS Lights
BEAMS mini
  • 2016 Hot Men’s Wear [Beams]
    2016 Hot Men’s Wear [Beams]
    The men's selection is quite vast with models such as this presenting the coming fashion. As the season's transition you'll start to notice more Spring oriented items making their appearance around this time.
  • 2016 Hot Women’s Wear  [Beams]
    2016 Hot Women’s Wear [Beams]
    Just like the men's wear section the next coming fashion for women's wear is already laid out on the models and the store is neatly arranged and easy to navigate. This minimalistic fashion look is quite 
    popular this year in Japan.
  • Wide selection of Children's Wear (Beams)
    Wide selection of Children's Wear (Beams)
    "BEAMS" (Beams)
    Edit large shop menswear, women's wear, children's 
    wear handling.
    Location: New East - 31/36/37/38
  • MADE IN JAPAN Travel Bags
    MADE IN JAPAN Travel Bags
    This is a travel suitcase, domestic breed Raleigh travel bags, business bags, composite bags linked to your favorite celebrity’s shop selling casual make every kind of bags. In particular, they're dealing with a Japanese made brand popular with tourist who visit Japan. 
  • Store Information
    Store Information
    ACE OUTLET (S Outlet)

    General dealing with travel bags, suitcases, etc.

    Brands: ProtecA / ACEGENE / F.CLIO

    Location: NE (New East) 19-20

  • Ramen,  Karuizawa Style in Nagano
    Ramen, Karuizawa Style in Nagano
    Your quest for warmth in Nagano can be answered by visiting this Ramen shop near the mall. Ordering is simple and can be done no matter your Japanese ability. Simple make ordering using a vending machine and present the tickets to the staff. Inside the restaurant is a bit small but it is nice and toasty warm. 
  • Bon appétit^^
    Bon appétit^^
    You'll love the carefully prepared dishes with everything from ramen to fried rice and pot stickers. Their specialty 福 栄 味噌 ら ー め ん (Fukui Miso Ramen) goes for only 950 yen and is enough to fill your belly and want you wanting more!
  • ら ー め ん 福 栄 (Ramen Fukui)
    信 州 味噌 ら ー め ん (Shinshu  Miso Ramen)- famous Japanese
     ramen house
    Location: E (East) - 04
  • A Constantly Evolving Women's Shop: SHEL`TTER
    A Constantly Evolving Women's Shop: SHEL`TTER

    "SHEL'TTER" (High Casual Women's Shop)

    Location: NE (New East) - 17

    SHEL`TTER features very popular brands that are flying off the shelf faster than the staff can stock them. 

    Popular Brand #1: Rienda - For women who seek to express their individuality in a trendy
    fashion, and create their own style and brand more freely.
  • Brands, Brands, Brands...
    Brands, Brands, Brands...
    Popular Brand #2: SLY - A haven of cosmopolitan ambiance that survived many a trend enjoying a calm stylish color coordinated ensemble at it's base.

    Popular Brand #3: Rodeo Crowns - Casual but a bit rough so it’s destined to evoke a sense of brand 

    elements, edgy yet trendy as casual can get.


    The big event of the evening has just started! The crisp, cool, piercing night air of the Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza gave way to beautiful ILLUMINATION. The shopping town in the evening, surrounded by nature,  showed it’s true harmonious nature. This particular tree is the symbol of the seven lights striking the surface of the lake producing a dreamy atmosphere.

    Perfect place to take a date huh!?^^

  • The overwhelming wealth of Japan's tourist attractions, and resort spots in Karuizawa is just what the doctor ordered. Also,  the great scenery around Karuizawa really speaks volumes to Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza’s nature and charm. Did anyone else feel as though you wanted to visit more and more while reading the article?!

    More info:

  • Karuizawa’s Lake is beautiful
    Karuizawa’s Lake is beautiful

    Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
    Adress: 389-0102 Nagano Prefecture, Kitasaku District, Karuizawa Karuizawa


    Period: 2015/11 / 1-2016 / 2/29

    Time: 17:00 to 21:00 (times may vary)

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