3 Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Japan's Most Popular Brands

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This Mother's Day, get your mom the perfect gift, all the way from Japan!
Mother's Day, with Love from Japan
Like many countries around the world, Japan celebrates Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May, and like everywhere else, Mother's Day in Japan is a day to show your appreciation for all the mothers that have made a mark in your life - and maybe spoil them a little, too. That means that now is the perfect time to look for a great gift for mom, and the world of Japanese online shopping has a lot to offer when it comes to all the styles, practical items, and little indulgences any mother might appreciate this May. Not sure what to get? Well, whether your mom likes the clean practicality of Japanese minimalism, the cute quirks of kawaii culture, or just the attention to detail found in all kinds of Japanese products, here are some ideas to get you started!
➡ Japanese Skincare
Some mothers like to use mother's day as a self-care spa day, but for all the moms who prefer to pamper themselves at home with a little luxury in their skincare routine, Japanese brands know what they're doing. Starting with the basics, Shiseido is popular all over the world, and in Japan they offer a huge variety of cosmetic products, ranging from pigment-rich blushes and lipsticks to serums packed with antioxidants (which some moms might appreciate for the anti-aging properties). Another Japanese manufacturer drawing more and more international attention is SK-II, founded in the early 80s. SK-II is known especially for their facial treatment essences, which are not only good for hydrating skin, but also for decorating sinks and vanities thanks to the cool limited-edition bottles. Lesser-known abroad, FANCL is a brand that has attracted Japanese customers with their sunscreens, mild cleansing oil, and skincare-focused supplements (like collagen). Give your mom some luxury skincare for mother's day, and she'll get to enjoy it for days and weeks to come!
➡ Japanese Fashion & Accessories
For a mother's day gift that will last a lifetime, there's nothing better than a little dose of classic, simple Japanese style! Japanese fashion has long been known for high-quality items and chic looks that aren't going anywhere any time soon, as seen in the mix of timeless and trendy items sold by brands like United Arrows or Tomorrowland. But for a gift that will get plenty of use for a long time to come, through years of a mom's busy lifestyle, a convenient purse, shoulder bag, or backpack from one of Japan's increasingly popular leather brands is the way to go. And when it comes to elegant accessories made to go with outfits of all kinds, Genten's leather goods are a no-brainer.
Genten's delicate leather cutwork is especially popular! For the mom who could use a more rugged, straightforward kind of leather bag, Herz (another Japanese leather brand) might be more her style.
➡ Japanese Kitchenware
If your mom is anything like the moms we know, she might just have a fondness for fun kitchen gadgets - especially when they look nice on the counter, too. Luckily, Japan has been making kitchen items that are both practical and beautiful since the days when they perfected knife-making. High-quality kitchen knives are still a Japanese specialty, of course, but in more recent years Japanese companies like Bruno have found a niche in the market, offering up kitchenware with a touch of retro style and a pop of color. Bruno's chic table-top hotplates are some of their most popular products in Japan, but for moms with an interest in Japanese food, we can't help but recommend a nagashi somen machine, for serving traditional Japanese noodles! (Read more about somen here.)
And for the many moms out there who can't resist the pull of cute tableware, there's always these irresistible little Japanese-style Snoopy plates!

Surprise Mom with Something Special This Year!

There are lots of ways to show your mom how much you appreciate her, but a gift on Mother's Day is a simple way to make the day one to remember! And this year, with international travel still just a speck on the horizon, a Mother's Day gift from Japan is an easy way to add a little fun to an event that comes just once a year! So, are you ready to treat your mom to something special this Mother's Day?
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