5 Perfect Valentine's Presents from Japan

Tokyo Shopping Holiday 2023.02.13
Japan has really made Valentine's Day its own, so find the perfect gift for your Japan-loving sweetheart!
For a Very Japanese Valentine's Day
Does your special someone love Japan? Or maybe you're just interested to see what great present options this unique country has to offer? Japan has a way of making international holidays their own, from eating fried chicken on Christmas to exchanging "obligation chocolate" on Valentine's Day. It's probably that same innovation that leads to some pretty interesting gift ideas (conveniently available online with international shipping, of course). So skip the boring bouquets and the same old chocolatey sweets this year - get your Valentine something they'll love from the land of the rising sun!
① Something Sweet or Savory
A boring box of chocolates isn't the be-all and end-all of Valentine's Day gifts. Indulge your date with something delicious and unique, all the way from Japan! All kinds of tasty Japanese treats can be found online, including a variety of options from the Grape online shop. Treat them to strawberry sugar made with Japanese strawberries, gift a jar of cacao nib Japanese honey, or sip red rose chocolate tea together, brewed from bunny-shaped teabags. Looking for something savory? Stick to sushi for dinner, and use these irresistible heart-shaped soy sauce dishes for dipping. ♡
② Diamonds Done Different
A pair of diamond earrings or a simple silver bracelet might be a classic Valentine's present for those looking to splurge, but in Japan, fine jewelry isn't always so mundane. In recent years, a number of companies have sprung up specializing in elegant, carefully crafted jewelry with anime, video game, and other character-based themes. U-Treasure is a major player in this game, offering up diamond pendants decorated with Hello Kitty bows or prancing Pikachus, unisex silver and platinum rings with designs inspired by Attack on Titan or Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask, and many more popular designs. Fanfun Market offers similar products, like cute Nezuko stud earrings (from Demon Slayer), or Neon Genesis Evangelion necklaces designed to resemble each of the different plugsuits worn in the show. For anyone looking to go the extra mile, both brands offer options for engagement rings at a variety of price points, to make this year's Valentine's Day extra special.
③ Anime Accessories with Style
Does your darling prefer practical gifts? Diamonds are forever, but your Valentine's gift can always be something made for everyday use! SuperGroupies specializes in the kind of bags, wallets, watches, and other accessories that just look subtly stylish to the uninitiated, but are covered in otaku easter eggs for those in the know. They've partnered with anime and video game series across the spectrum, but we recommend you show your date your romantic side by choosing an item inspired by the romances found in My Dress-Up Darling, Yuri on Ice!!!, or the movie Your Name (君の名は). Unfortunately, their products are so popular that they tend to sell out quick, so securing one of their items as a Valentine's Day gift might take a little extra effort.
④ Scents & Suds
For a fragrance-loving Valentine, just any old perfume or cologne might not be cause for excitement, but what about a special Japanese scent? Majolica Majorca, produced by popular Japanese cosmetic brand Shiseido, offers a perfume called Majoromantica that is described as "sweet," "romantic," and "like a magical aphrodisiac." Seems pretty ideal for Valentine's Day, doesn't it? It can be found online from Japanese cosmetics shop Ainz Tulpe, which also offers this relaxing white tea aromatic diffuser and adorable bottles of Hiezukin-chan bath salts. Combine them to treat your special someone to a relaxing Japanese bathtime experience!
⑤ All the Warm & Fuzzies
Everyone loves to be cute AND comfy, and there's no better way to describe the kind of sleep and loungewear found in Japan today. The days of lacy negligees are over - get your Valentine something cozy instead! Gelato Pique is the leader in this field, offering sleep sets, nightshirts, hoodies, and other loungewear made out of the softest, fuzziest material around - it's their main selling point. In the past, Gelato Pique has offered some pretty popular Super Mario themed products and cute sets inspired by the pandas of Ueno Zoo, but for Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with pink!
From tasty treats to indulge your sweetheart, to all the pragmatic products that will make their bedtime and bathtime just a little bit better, Japan has a lot to offer the Valentine's Day shopper. For Valentine's Day, don't just choose the same old things from the same old places. Think outside the box, and get your special someone something special from Japan!
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