#Shopping♪ UK style invades Japan!

Tokyo Shopping 2015.09.28
While you stroll through the ever growing district of Harajuku, make time to visit this Dr. Martens shop to fulfill your 'sole'! Offering the popular sought after brand with a bit of a sub-culture twist, this is one stylish shop you won't want to miss.

Dr. Martens are making their way from the UK to the fashion capital of Tokyo.

Hurry and drop in by this shop in Harajuku to equip yourself with the latest from this popular brand.


From the big intersection of Harajuku and Omotesando,

Opposite to LAFORET Harajuku

An alley between LACOSTE and "Condomania"

  Go straight about 100m. 

At the end of the alley, you can see the big logo of Dr. Martens!

(Next to it is the grocery store called Alice on Wednesday

Inside the store

An antique store style with a classic jukebox,

the store just give an impression of London shoe shop and extension of British pop culture. 

Displaying all kinds of shoes, bags, as well as socks and T-shirt!!!

Grab them all before they're gone

  • Find the style that matches you!
    Find the style that matches you!

    Strong and durable shoes for weekdays

    With an array of styles to fit almost every occasion

    don't be afraid to match with your best friend!

    Dr. Martens is currently available in the market worldwide. 

    There are two main manufacturers in the world. 

    Most of the series are produced in Asian countries. 

    But the genuine original series are made in England!!

    The series produced in Asian are more likely to follow the trend, 

    but the one produced in UK, use the highest level of leather, 

    the price is probably 1.5 times of the Asian ones.

    So taking into account of the original and leather quality, it is a worth collection huh!

    You can check them out at the Made in UK corner. 

    (Left: Asian-made; right: UK-made)

  • Limited editions available!
    Limited editions available!

    Find an original pair that'll set you apart from the crowd.

    Like this pair, which is one of 1460 pairs in the world!

    This pair is the most classic of 8-hole boots created by Dr. Martens.

    Why 1460 pairs?

    It is in memory of Dr. Martens creatio!

    April 1, 1960

    British style: 01/04/1960

    There are currently only 100 pairs in Japan!

    Don't miss your chance

  • ▲ All sizes, variety of colors

    The color of one's shoes speaks volumes about their personality.

    This Harajuku Dr. Martens' location allows you to express your true inner color.

    Enjoy the wide selection of colors and sizes

  • Not only are Harajuku's Dr. Martens staff helpful, but also knowledgeable.

    Did you know that Oxford-style shoes use 'AirWair' soles?!

    A honeycomb structure cushion in the heel position making the shoes infinitely more comfortable.


Collaborations and Promotional items
Collaborations and Promotional items

Take an already popular brand, and combine it with designs from popular artists,

and you'll have a recipe for the next "Must have" product! 

Collaborations from Dr. Martens & Mark Wigan produced the eye catching styles above.

More images of this dazzling shop!↓

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