Tokyo Infiorata 2019: Carpets of Flowers!

Tokyo Tour Tokyo 2019.05.16
An event all about making huge floor murals out of real flowers. 🌸

So... What is Infiorata?

Infiorata, it turns out, is the creation of large floor-murals made of flowers! The Tokyo event calls them "Italian Flower Carpets", which seems awfully cute. The tradition, as you might have guessed, comes from Italy, and has been evolving for the past couple hundred years. The events in Italy are generally somewhat connected to religion, and they often happen on the Sunday of Corpus Christi, which happens nine weeks after Easter. Festivals in Noto and Genzano are quite famous, but the events occur all over the country.

And now, for the past couple of years, also in Tokyo!
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Tokyo's Event

The Tokyo infiorata event is going on its third year, and will result in the creation of flower carpets in 25 different locations!

The designs vary from year to year and location to location, and run the gamut of topics. The obvious floral designs are common, but in past years some of the murals created have included Japanese celebrities and historical figures, famous paintings and landmarks, and even NHK's mascot Domo-kun and the pokemon pikachu!

If you're really interested in the event, you can even take part! With event locations ranging all over the Tokyo area and over the course of almost three months, they need tons of volunteers to make it happen. You can always just go admire the participants' hard work, but if you're already planning on checking it out, why not see about becoming a part of things? You can apply using this online form.

Tokyo Infiorata 2019
March 11 ~ June 5
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