Seeking The Galactic Railroad: The hometown of Miyazawa Kenji

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Miyazawa Kenji 【宮沢賢治:みやざわけんじ】, a famous Japanese poet and an author of childrens' literature. He was born in Iwate prefecture and many ideas of the Utopia in his stories were based on the town he lived in, which is Hanamaki in Iwate prefecture. Let's explore his stories through the Miyazawa Kenji Museum and Hanamaki area. [Image Credit: "Hanamaki Tourism Association" at]
The world of Miyazawa Kenji
Miyazawa Kenji, a famous poet/author in Japan was born in Hanamaki, Iwate prefecture in 1896.
Famous titles like "The Life of Budori Gusuko", "The Restaurant of Many Orders" and "Night on the Galactic Railroad" are his works.
Did you know that there's a memorial museum in Hanamaki?
Let's take a look at his world through the city of Hanamaki.
The Miyazawa Kenji Dowa Mura 【宮沢賢治童話村:みやざわけんじどうわむら】(Fairytail Village)
Beginning from the entrance, the village is packed with the world of Miyazawa Kenji stories.
Head to the "Kenji no Gakkou" (Kenji's School) first to go to see the main part of this village.
As you make your way through the arches, into the building, you will see stars sprinkled throughout the path. (Note that stars play a vital role in Kenji's stories.)
Take a look inside.
The whole facility is separated into four different sections, each named The Space Room, The Earth Room, The Sky Room, and the Water Room.

The Space Room

Caleidoscope-like room reflecting the stars in the room.

The Earth Room

Giant grasshopper welcoming the guests.
Through the rooms and out again, to the fairies' path, then to the next building, Kenji's Classroom.
Here you will find the different animals and different items that appear in the stories in real life.
The town of Hanamaki.
Around this little village of fairytales, you will also find Miyazawa Kenji's Memorial Museum and the restaurant from the story "The Restaurant of Many Orders", "Yamaneko Tei".

If you search around the local area, you will also find many sites and objects like what you will see in his stories.

Just like this wall mural of "Future City Galaxy Earth Railway" that you can find near the Hanamaki station.
  • The wall mural near Hanamaki station showing the world of "Night on the Galactic Railroad".
Discover the exciting world of Miyazawa Kenji in Hanamaki for yourself!

Before you go, here are some recommendations of his major titles to read to get to know more about him.
"The Life of Budori Gusuko"【グスコーブドリの伝記】
"The Restaurant of Many Orders"【注文の多い料理店】
"Night on the Galactic Railroad"【銀河鉄道の夜】

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