Behind The Scenes: About The Gear We Use For Photo Shooting Part 1

Tokyo Tour Shooting_gear 2019.08.31
We get asked a lot about, which gear we use to shoot our photos and movies. So we've decided to write about some of our gears, when we use them, and how we use them, along with some behind the scene secrets. We hope you will enjoy!
  • Osmo Pocket

Gear #1 The Osmo Pocket

Osmo Pocket from DJI is one of our regularly used items.
We use it to take footages of the filmmaking process to see what we have been doing and to make behind the scene videos like this one below.

By the way, we use a combination of GoPros and DJI cameras to make the whole behind-the-scene videos.
The device can be used on its own or with an iPhone. It comes with a little attachment that connects the device to the lightning cable socket of an iPhone.
You will need to install the DJI Mimo app (←official DJI webpage for the app)to get things started.

Once you have that installed, you're good to go!
  • Get going with your creativity!
The Osmo Pocket has a gimbal installed in the device itself, so it has great stability even in its tiny body.
If you use it with your iPhone, you can control the head of the device while you're recording, and that gives you more options for shooting angles.
The device is relatively easy to handle, and even for those who are not really familiar with video shooting techniques, it won't take much time to get used to it.

With this gear, you can take time-lapses and panoptic photos as well.
It also has a tracking function where it tracks a target as long as it's not moving at a fast speed.
The video can record up to 4K resolution and a video frame rate of 60 and uses micro SD cards for data storage.

There are more functions and features that we haven't covered here but we will keep that for another time!

So, that will be it for the first behind the scene report.
Hope you find it useful and let us know how you think about it.

What gear do you use for your movie making? and why?
Let us know in the comment below, or follow our JAPANKURU's Creative Studio Page on Facebook and YouTube!
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See you soon in Japan with JAPANKURU!
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