Cave underneath Mount Fuji

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The Fugaku Fuketsu Wind Cave and the Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave are both Geological Natural Monuments in Japan.

If you're coming to Mount Fuji, you must come and visit here as well.

A gift from nature, these Fugaku Fuketsu【富岳風穴:ふがくふうけつ】 Wind Cave and Narusawa Hyoketsu【鳴沢氷穴:なるさわひょうけつ】 Ice Cave are both a natural monument.
Both exist under the grounds of Mount Fuji and are both geologically valuable.
  • The entrance fees are 300 yen for adults and 150 yen for children.
    Actually cheaper than you would expect.

    The temperature drops relatively fast as you enter further into the cave.
    The internal temperature stays around 0 to 3 degrees Celcius, that's 32 to 37.4 Fahrenheit.  

    So it might be nice to come during the summer time!
  • Wonder how long this cave goes for...
  • You will see small streams of water running down the walls of the cave.
  • A huge pole of ice and wall of ice bricks will be waiting inside.
    It looks like a natural fridge in here.
  • They have a cute souvenir shop at the entrance of this cave.
    They have things related to Mount Fuji and products from the local area.
    Quite a range of Sakes and snacks as well.
  • That is it for this time, there are many more places near Mount Fuji to visit and play, so keep up with us with new articles about Japan.

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