☙ Fall Foliage 2019 ❧ Hokkaido - The Yellows and Reds at Jozankei

Hokkaido Tour Autumn 2019.10.09
Autumn is coming to the northern hemisphere, and in Japan that means it's time for koyo (紅葉), or fall foliage viewing! Every year crowds around the country flock to the most beautiful spots to see the seasons change, and the leaves shift from green to red. With amazing weather and colorful scenery, it's a great time to explore Japan. In Hokkaido, the ropeway to the ski resorts shows a different view along the way up compared to the white in the winter.

The Jozankei Hotsprings

In Hokkaido, the season for the autumn foliage is earlier than the other parts of Japan.
That's because the temperature drops earlier up in the north, hence the colours of the leaves change faster up there.
Jozankei【定山渓:じょうざんけい】, also in our top ten lits of places to go to see the foliage in 2019 is a place in Sapporo, Hokkaido where there are hot springs.


The Futami Bridge

Right inside the national park is the Futami bridge【二見吊橋】.
Ranked number 4 in the top ten list of locations, here you can enjoy the combination of the mountain, the river, the valleys, and the bridge with the mixed colours of red and yellow.
You can take a long walk along the park around the bridge, or go straight to the bridge to see the whole view in one.

Address: 4 Jozankei Onsen Nishi, Minamiku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 061-2302 (Map)
No access to the bridge during wintertime.
Special Event till October 21st for light up around the Jozankei area. (Free Entry)
See more details here.

Foliage season: from early October till mid-October. 

The scenic ropeway up the Jozankei

  • From Jozankei Tourist Information Centre to Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort and back.

    During the foliage seasons, the gondola that goes up the hills of Jozankei to the ski resort turns into a scenic ropeway ride for tourists.
    You can see the view from up high where you normally won't.

    Tickets are sold for 1,200 yen for adults and 1,080 yen for seniors and 600 yen for children below 12.
  • The scenic ropeway is open from the 21st of September till the 14th of October.

Maitsuru no Toro 【舞鶴の瀞:まいつるのとろ】

Located in the deep pool near the "Toyohira River" and "Nishiki bridge" that flow through the hot spring town of Jozankei. During autumn, you can admire the red leaves on both sides of the river, surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere. These beautiful views will also be reflected on the still surface of the river.
  • Address: 1-61 Jozankeionsenhigashi, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 061-2302 (Map)

The Momiji Kappa Bus 【紅葉かっぱバス:こうようかっぱばす】

From the end of September, there will be a shuttle bus that goes around five areas to see the foliage. Take the bus and it shall take you through the unknown areas and gives you the time to enjoy the beauty of the autumn leaves.

Operation period: October 1st to October 21st
Fees: 500 yen
See our list for other places to go and things to do in Hokkaido.

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