☙ Fall Foliage 2019 ❧ Tohoku - The Reflections at Tsutanuma in Aomori

Tohoku Tour Koyo 2019.10.12
Autumn is coming to the northern hemisphere, and in Japan that means it's time for koyo (紅葉), or fall foliage viewing! Every year crowds around the country flock to the most beautiful spots to see the seasons change, and the leaves shift from green to red. With amazing weather and colorful scenery, it's a great time to explore Japan. In the Tohoku region, this time in Aomori prefecture, the lakes in the national parks of Towada show a wonderful change in colour as the autumn leaves come into season.

Tsutanuma Marsh

This marsh called Tsutanuma 【蔦沼:つたぬま】is located inside the Towada - Hachimantai national park of the Towada area in Aomori and is a beautiful hidden little spot to see the autumn foliage if you come in the right season.
There are actually seven marshes here in the Towada Hachimantai National Park, and Tsutanuma is only one out of the seven.
There is a 2.8km (Approximately 1.7 miles, which should only take you an hour or so) trail that goes around the seven different marshes as well, so you can enjoy the hike while you enjoy the lovely autumn view

In case you can't find it elsewhere the name of the trail is "Numameguri no Komichi"【沼めぐりの小路:沼めぐりのこみち】and the six other marshes are "Kagami Numa"【鏡沼:かがみぬま】, "Tsuki Numa"【月沼:つきぬま】, "Hyoutan Numa"【瓢箪沼:ひょうたんぬま】, "Suga Numa"【菅沼:すがぬま】, "Aka Numa"【赤沼:あかぬま】 and "Naga Numa"【長沼:ながぬま】.
If you go at the time of sunrise, you might be able to see the lake beautifully shining in the golden ray.
To aim for the right timing, you will have only about 10 minutes of the morning sun and it would be best if there's no wind blowing as well. Make sure you check the weather and the time of sunrise before you go as well.
If you are planning to go to the Tohoku region it might be best to go to rent a car and drive around yourself.
The public transport is not as convenient as it is in Tokyo and Osaka etc.

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