The Beautiful Gradation of The Autumn Leaves and Cherry Blossoms in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture

Chubu Tour Shikizakura 2020.01.22
Cherry blossoms bloom in spring, and only spring... Well apparently, that’s not the case here in Toyota.
Japanese cherry blossoms, also known as Sakura【桜:さくら】, has long been a “must see” in Japan during spring around late March till April. It is almost like a seasonal festival that goes on all spring long across Japan.

However, here Toyota, the second most populated city within Aichi prefecture next to Nagoya city, is one of the rare exceptionals.

This is a kind of cherry blossoms found in Obara, an smaller area within Toyota, grow twice every year. First around early April just like ordinary cherry blossoms, and second around early November just about the same timing as the Japanese maple leaves start changing their colour. They were first brought into the area during the 1800s, and now you can find 10,000+ trees across Obara. 

The contrast between the light shades of pink inside a mountain of deep autumn leaves is something worth coming to look at during autumn.
  • They say the blossoms during autumn tend to be smaller, but they appear to be pretty obvious amongst those reds and greens.

    Where to find them?
    As mentioned earlier, you can find them across Obara, especially places like around Obara Fureai Park (map), Senmi Shikizakura no Sato (map) and Maebora (map). 

    We took most of our photos at Senmi, and here we found two locations where you can take beautiful photos.

    1. Senmi Shikizakura no Sato where we mentioned above, and
  • 2. Just a five-minute walk down south from location, 1 just around here ↓
  • Where you can see this! ↓

  • We’ll leave a few more photos here for you, we hope you enjoy them!
  • If you're visiting the Kansai or Chubu region, definitely include this into your itinerary for Autumn!

    Well, that’s it for today!

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