Efficient Travel in Nasu with the CUTE Kyubi Bus!!

Kanto Tour 2016.03.07
Although we have introduced this place many times before we are yet again traveling to Nasu! Home of hot springs, delicious cuisine, shopping, lots of tourist destinations....

The Best way around Nasu!

Before you set out on your trip through Nasu, allow me to introduce our companion, the Kyubi Bus (Kyubi = nine-tailed fox in Japanese). The Kyubi bus takes a short trip around most of Nasu's attractions in a short 45-minute loop. With this inexpensive bus line you can travel the route of these 22 destinations as much as you want!

◎ Bus Routes, Stop Guide (Japanese)
◎ Bus Timetable (Japanese)
To efficiently tour Nasu

How to use the Kyubi Bus

Taking in all 22 tourist attractions can be done quite easily with the Kyubi Bus and at a rate that is much more economical than renting a car or taxi. With this small yellow ticket you are free to traverse as you see fit on all Kyubi buses.

The shuttle bus “Kyubi” ticket
Adult: 1,000 yen
Child: 500 yen
※ Price includes tax.
※Kids younger than elementary school age are free..
※ tickets cannot be purchased from within the bus.
(Must be purchased at designated stops)
  • Yuainomori  (友愛 の 森)
    Yuainomori (友愛 の 森)
    Come to this station to find out all there is to know about Nasu. This is the first stop on Michi no eki (meaning " Station Road") on the Nasu Plateau located 470m above sea level. The facility itself is surrounded with green so it's the ideal destination to enjoy your shopping and nature in peace. 
    Address: Tochigi-ken Nasu-gun Nasu byō Ōyama jida Sumi Ōtsu 593 - 8
    TEL: 0287-78-0233
  • Yuainomori Bus Stop
    Yuainomori Bus Stop
    All bus stops for the Kyubi bus will be marked with this cute character! Using the JR Pass to make to this station to start shouldn't be a problem at all. The best part is all three hotels can be reached from this bus stop
    1. Hotel Sunvalley Nasu
    2. Hotel Epinard Nasu
    3. Rindoko Royal Hotel

  • If you want to know more about Nasu...
    If you want to know more about Nasu...
    Drop by the Tourism Exchange Center to make the most of your trip to Nasu. For all information regarding events, the various neighborhoods and nearby municipalities, the information center is great place to help you out.
    Hours: 08:00 to 18:00 (April-November),  09:00 to 18:00 (December to March)
    * Open year round
    ◎ Yuainomori official website (English)
  • Purify your Vacation Spirit
    Purify your Vacation Spirit
    Nasu's Stained Glass Museum♪
    Take a trip back to the Medieval times with this European inspired building featuring antique stained glass decoration from the1800s. There is a number of different exhibits to transport you and your friends to another time and another place.
  • Authentic Reproductions
    Authentic Reproductions
    Realistic reproductions laid out right before your very eyes and originals that will leave your mouth agape as you drown in it's beauty.
    Address: 1790 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302
    Hours: (April to October) 09: 00 ~ 17: 30,  (November-March), 09:00 to 16:30
  • Gift Shop Deals!
    Gift Shop Deals!
    Admission: :::Adults 1,300 yen::: middle and high school students: 800 yen::: elementary school students: 500 yen::: infants: Free ::: Seniors:  1,000 yen (over 60 years):::
      ※Must show I.D.
    ※ Admission prices exclude tax
    ※ elderly, and disabled are eligible for discounted entry.
    ※Must be presented, prove the relevant kinds of disabilities.
  • Nasu World Monkey Park
    Nasu World Monkey Park
    Let's act like giant apes as we make our way to the World Monkey Park. There are few unique spaces like this in Japan where you can interact with animals to this degree. Just take the concept of a traditional zoo and add a lot more touching into the mix.

  • Riding on elephants
    Riding on elephants
    Not only do you get to feed but you can also take a ride on these giant mighty creatures.
    Address : 325-0001 Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Takakuko 6146
    TEL: 0287-63-8855

  • Your own personal companion
    Your own personal companion
    You'll be going bananas like us when you hold one of the many baby monkeys on display at the park. Kira was born on November 7, 2015 and this baby monkey is already commanding attention from anyone who
     sets eyes on her.
    Hours : 8:30AM to 4:30OPM (admission until 4:00 PM)
    * 12 / 1-2 / 29: Open year-round

Nasu Trick Art Museum ♪

Your eyes may not believe what they're seeing when you witness the wild calamity of these enclosed spaces! Take your best shot and send it to us at Japankuru Facebook!
Nasu Trick Art Museum
Address: Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Takakuko 5760
TEL: 0287-62-8388
Hours: April to September 9:30AM to 6:00PM, Summer: 9:00AM to 6:00PM, Winter: 9:30AM to 5:00PM
*Open year-round
  • Ichigo-no-mori
    Do you love picking strawberries? If so, check out Okashinoshiro Ichigo-no-mori for a fun flavor-filled adventure!
    Address : 325 - 0001 Tochigi ken Nasu-chō Takakukō 4588 - 10
  • Advance your picking game
    Advance your picking game
    Tochigi prefecture is known for it's delicious strawberries and this time we weren't disappointed. A tip for making the pickings more fun, bring a friend and challenge them to a race to see who can get the most!
  • The Sweetness of Fresh Nasu Strawberries
    The Sweetness of Fresh Nasu Strawberries
    Enjoy strawberries produced from the fresh water of Nasu. They were all so plump and juicy it had us wanting more before we even left!
  • Nasu Morino Beer en (那須 森 の ビール 園)
    Nasu Morino Beer en (那須 森 の ビール 園)
    Nasu Morino Beer en (Nasu's Forest Beer Garden) is actually run by the same people that serve the Sapporo beer museum in Hokkaido. Of course you can see a lot of beer but you can also enjoy foods like beef, and other dishes to match the taste of the beer.
    ◎Nasu Morino Beer en (那須 森 の ビール 園)
    Address :Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Takakuko 4453-49
    TEL: (0120)742-150
  • Tours are included
    Tours are included
    Take a tour and find out the path taken to create Sapporos most delicious blends of beer. 
    Hours :
    (Restaurant) 11:00AM to 4:00PM (last entry 2:30PM)
    (Beer& Lion's cafe)11:00AM to 4:00PM (15:30 LO)
    (Premium shops) 11:00AM to 4:00PM
  • Beer Tasting
    Beer Tasting
    Located on the second floor you can enjoy a special deal or better yet an experience you won't forget. You can have a chance to sample 3 different beer for only 1,200 yen!
     Official website:

The Cheesiest Place On Earth. ♪

Try some delicious and tasty bread from "The Cheese Garden" famous for the long forgotten art of creating great cheesy food.

◎The Cheese Garden (チーズガーデン 五峰館)
Address : Tochigi ken Nasu-gun Nasu-chō Takakukō Kuikehara 2888
 Hours : 09:00AM to 6:00PM -
TEL: 0287-64-4848
◎The cheese garden the official website (Japanese)

Unique Wedding Plans

Plan your next wedding at Hotel Epinard Nasu usings these fluffy cute alpacas! 
◎Hotel Epinard Nasu
Click to see google map
Address: 325-0302 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasu District, Nasu-machi Takakuhei 1
TEL: 0287-78-6000
::: Official website (English) :::
::: Reservation website (English) :::

Minamigaoka Dairy: Experience the Ranch Life♪

At Minamigaoka Dairy you can try your hand at making ice cream from scratch. It's sure to be a very meaningful experience that everyone can enjoy.
◎Minamigaoka Dairy (南ヶ丘牧場)
Address :325-0393 Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Yumoto 579
Hours : 8:00AM to 5:30PM (※ Hours are subject to change due to seasons and weather.)
TEL: 0287-76-2150
Official website (Japanese)
  • The Best Turn Down After a Long Trip
    The Best Turn Down After a Long Trip
    You can tell the hot springs are near when you begin smelling the deep aroma of sulfur. It's inescapable to be quite frank. It's not as if we didn't enjoy the smell but it may be a bit overpowering for first time visitors. However after a couple minutes, it's unbelievable but you'll adjust and not even notice it anymore. 
  • Matsukawaya Nasu Kogen Hotel
    Address : 252 Oaza-yumoto Nasu-machi , Nasu-gun Tochigi Japan
    TEL: 0287-76-3131
    Email: yoyaku@matsukawaya.co.jp​
    ◎Matsukawaya Nasu Kogen Hotel official website (Japanese)
    ※ Booking sites are in Japanese so ​I encourage you to make
     a reservation by email or phone.
Basic Info
NameNasu Kyubi Shuttle Bus
AddressTochigi-ken Nasu-gun Nasu byō Ōyama jida
StationYuainomori Bus Stop
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