Japanese Pocket WI-Fi With Unlimited 4G LTE Service and Discounts up to 20% !

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Japan Wireless, one of the top pocket Wi-Fi service providers in Japan has given us JAPANKURU Coupons code to give away. What would you do with unlimited 4G LTE speed data, free extra battery, and same day pick up? Get an additional 20% discount using JAPANKURU coupon code.
Want to plan a trip to Japan without unnecessary hold-ups?
Let us present you this pocket Wi-Fi plan!

Why would I need a pocket Wi-Fi in Japan?
While you may have all the options of staying at the hotel using their Wi-Fi, or use any other hotspots available, signing up for a contract in Japan, etc. You may also have an idea of how long it takes to find a hotspot, how slow the connections can be from time to time, you also don't want to risk any data theft when using public Wi-Fi as well.

Well, pocket Wi-Fi is a hassle-free option when it comes to the concerns mentioned above, and that's when Japan Wireless comes in handy.

They are known to be famous amongst the pocket Wi-Fis available in Japan.
Let's take a look at why it's so famous.

Japan Wireless offers 
- 4G Internet (Maximum 187Mbps on their "Premium Wi-Fi" plan)
- Unlimited data usage
- Large area coverage
- Friendly and fast customer support 
- Covers all around Japan for delivery
-Accepts credit card payment 
-Airport pickup
-Return by mail from anywhere in Japan
-SIM card sales
-Long-term rentals available

Receive discounts on Japan Wireless!
Get 20% off the offered price by using JAPANKURU discount code. 
(500 yen shipping fee may apply if picking up from locations other than their Shibuya and Ueno branch.)
*Please note that the Ueno branch is currently temporarily closed.

Discount offer for page viewers.
Share your special coupon code with friends, family, and colleagues who are planning a trip to Japan!  

How to receive your discount using "JAPANKURU" code
1. Head to Japan Wireless's official website (https://www.japan-wireless.com/en).
2. Click on the "Order" button to proceed to their Product Order page.

3. Fill out the form by entering the required fields, and entre the discount code "JAPANKURU" when you reach "Do you have a coupon code?" section. (See image below)

4. Confirm details and proceed with making a payment.

It's as simple as that!

The pocket Wi-Fi can be booked in advance, so make sure you plan ahead as they can run out of stock during peak seasons.

Have any questions? Visit their FAQ page.

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Know your emergency Wi-Fi hotspots!
Find out where and how you can get access to Japan's free emergency Wi-Fi.

Japan Wireless is currently accepting cancellations and refunds for those who had to return to their country earlier than expected due to the current corona situation. 
Find out any details on their "Our Refund Policy to Protect You" page for any details.
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