Fukushima - Aizu Wakamatsu - Aizumura

Tohoku Tour Seeyousoonjapan 2020.04.24
Sooth your soul with a glimpse of some of Japan's most beautiful scenery, like the green vistas and ancient buildings of Aizumura. #SeeYouSoonJapan

Aizumura, Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima

Aizumura, a park in northern Japan's green, scenic area of Aizu, contains not only plants, waterfalls, and plenty of Japanese-style landscaping, but also a Buddhist temple, a Shinto shrine, and lots of power spots. Towering over the large complex of green spaces and traditional Japanese architecture is the giant statue of Aizu Jibo Kannon (会津慈母大観音像), a Buddhist bodhisattva associated with mercy and compassion, often presented as a goddess in religious settings all over Asia. This Kannon is 57 meters (187 ft) tall, so visitors can even choose to walk around inside.

Plus, Aizumura is a popular destination for cosplay photoshoots, thanks to all the great scenery.
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