Car Rental Trip in Hokkaido with NISSAN Rent-A-Car!

Hokkaido Tour 2016.10.13
Discover a different Hokkaido in your own way!

Rent your own car and discover Hokkaido in your own way!!

Other than the famous Sapporo where you can see the "Snow Festival" every winter, there are many other interesting and beautiful places in Hokkaido that you should visit!

Let's see where we will take you to in this 1,000 kilometers (or more?) long trip!!
New Chitose Airport: Get your Nissan rental car at the airport

Sapporo: Highly recommend you to spend 1 night in Sapporo

Furano and Biei: Must-visit places for a rental car trip

Asahikawa: Famous for the zoos and Asahikawa ramen

Abashiri: Prison Museum and Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum

Shiretoko: World Heritage Site

Lake Akan and Lake Mashu: Personally I prefer the clear Lake Mashu

Yubari: Famous for the melon! A chance to see a bear in the wild!

New Chitose Airport: Return the rental car and ready to go home!

Explore Hokkaido with Nissan X-TRAIL

This is a 5-seat SUV with 4-wheel drive and spacious interior design. It can be run 13.4 kilo per 1 liter of gasoline which sounds the perfect car for a long car rental trip!

NISSAN Rent a Car Reservation Page:

NISSAN Rent a Car X-TRAIL Reservation Page:

NISSAN Rent a Car - New Chitose Airport Outlet
Address: 2-2-5 Kashiwadai Minami, Chitose, Hokkaido 066-0009 Japan
Tel.: 0123-27-4123
Regular Hours: 8:00 - 21:00 Special Business Hours: (11/1-3/31) 8:30-19:30

01. Full of lavender fragrance in Furano

Furano is located in the middle part of Hokkaido which is a famous small town with lots of lavender. The name Furano is originated from the Ainu language which means "Flame". (Ainu are an indigenous people of Japan and Russia.)

Furano has the largest production of lavender in Japan. The best season to come to visit is in July and August every year. You can find many lavender products selling here too! Other than lavender, beautiful tulips, sunflowers can also be seen here in Furano.

02. Famous Curry Soup Shop in Furano - Curry Furanoya

Made with fresh Hokkaido vegetable, this curry soup is famous among Japanese and visitors! If you want to get in the shop without lining up, you better go there around 11:30 before the shop is open.

Curry Furanoya
Address: 1-46 Yayoi-cho, Furano, Hokkaido
Hours: 11:30 - 21:30
Tel.: 0167-23-6969
Recommended menu: Chicken curry 880 yen
Map Code: 349001761*22

03. Japanese Drama and Commercial Popular Shooting Spot - Biei

  • Spot 1 - The Tree of Ken and Mary
    Of course we need to visit the Nissan commercial spot since we are driving our Nissan's SUV! The original commercial was released in 1972, and the tree was appeared in this love-themed commercial.

    The tree of Ken and Mary
    Map Code: 349071519*530
  • Spot 2 - Seven Stars Tree
    This big tree was appeared on the cigarette box in 1976 and that's how it became famous!

    Seven Stars Tree
    Map Code: 389157097*54

    (Free parking space is available nearby)

  • Spot 3 - Mild Seven Hill
    Actually the trees on the hill was used and appeared on the Mild Seven's poster back in 1977. 

    Mild Seven Hill
    Map Code: 389064051*21

04. Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu is ranked as the world's second transparent and well-known volcano lake. At an altitude of 351 meters in height and about 211.4 meters in depth. It is covered in fog the whole year.

Lake Mashu
Address: Teshikaga, Kawakami District, Hokkaido Prefecture
Hours: 08:00 - 17:00
Free admission
Tel.: 0167-23-6969
Map Code: 349001761*22

05. Sulfur Mountain Mount Io

Since the volcano is still in active, you can get a smell of sulfur here indeed! The mountain is not open to public now since the accident happened in 2007.

Sulfur Mountain Mountain Io
Address: Atosanupuri-genya, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-Kun, Hokkaido
Height: 193m above sea level
Map Code: 731713552*48

06. Legend of the King of Prison Break - Abashiri Prison Museum

If you are interested in prison break, this is an interesting place for you to visit!

Abashiri Prison Museum
Address: 1-1 Yobito, Abashiri City, Hokkaido
Tel.: 0152-45-2411
Hours: 08:30-18:00 (May to Sept), 09:00-17:00 (Oct to Apr)
Admission: 1,080 yen (Adult), 750 yen (College student), 540 yen (Student)

07. World Heritage Site - Shiretoko

Shiretoko locates in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Other than famous cliffs and waterfalls, many wildlife live in the beautiful nature. It was selected as a World Heritage Site in 2005. Other than driving your own car, some people choose to get on their bike to experience Shiretoko. In Winter, you can see the flowing ice too.

Watch out for wild animals!

Remember to pay extra attention on the animals when driving here!

Point 1 - Don't stop your car on the road
Point 2 - Don't feed the wild animals
Point 3 - Wild bears may appear!

Explore the nature of Hokkaido with NISSAN Rent-A-Car!

How do you like our car rental trip? This is a different Hokkaido that you have never seen right? Come and rent your own NISSAN rental car and discover a different Hokkaido in your own way!!

More Details: 
# Travel ♪ Car Rental Trip in Hokkaido with NISSAN Rent-A-Car! Discover a different Hokkaido in your own way! ~Day 1~
# Travel ♪ Car Rental Trip in Hokkaido with NISSAN Rent-A-Car! Discover a different Hokkaido in your own way! ~Day 2~

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See you there! :)
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NameNISSAN Rent a Car - New Chitose Airport Outlet
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