Trip to Memorial Spot of Slam Dunk in Enoshima/ Kamakura

Kanto Tour 2017.06.28
with Hinomaru LIMO TAXI

Travel Taxi Service for foreign visitors

What is Hinomaru LIMO TAXI?

Top ranked Japanese Taxi Company

Hinomaru Limousine operates taxi service, airport pick-up service, and sightseeing tour courses in Japan!  It is one of the leading taxi companies in Japan, and it focuses providing services to foreign visitors.

Although there are many different ways that you can get to your destination, sometimes you may want to have your own private moment with your friends or family while travelling. Today we will introduce you one of this comfortable and special way of travelling - "Taxi Tour" provided by Hinomaru Limousine.

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This time, we are using Tesla Model S.

  • Touch and open!
    Feel the future!
  • Electric sunroof
  •  17-inch screen
(Left) front box (right) rear trunk
Electric car is not equipped with the engine, 
So there are large storage space for baggage both in the front and back!
Good for shopping!

※Please note
Make reservation as soon as possible during the peak season of travel!

A day trip of Kamakura travel

You might decide where to meet as long as you indicate the specific places with the exact address!
Hotel you stay or the nearest stations are recommended.
  • A. Enoshima
    Have a ride on Japan National Route 134 
  • B. "Kamakura-koko-mae"  Story background of Slam Dunk
    Scene in the story of Slam Dunk 
    Blue coast of Shonan as the back and Enoden is passing through,
    isn't it romantic?

    ★ Kamakura-koko-mae
    1 -1 Koshigoe, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 248-0033
  • C.  "Yuigahama"  Loved by surfers
    Along the coast line of Enoshima, Shonan. 

    ★Yuigahama beach
    4 -4 Yuigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 248-0014

D. Kamakura Komachi shopping street (lunch)

Main Shopping street of Kamakura
There are all kinds of delicious food!
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (鶴岡八幡宮) is also nearby the Kamakura Station.

★ Hannariinai(はんなりいない)
1-5-27 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0006
TEL: 0467-23-7399
10: 00 ~ 17:00
Official website (Japanese)
  • Recommended①
    Japanese omelet stick with whitebait (Shirasu)
    240 yen + tax each
    Slightly salted taste.
    Fresh and simple!
  • Recommended②
    Melaleuca Cup of Salmon roe (Ikura) and Whitebait  (Shirasu)
    780 yen + tax 
    Highly recommend to seafood lovers!

E. Starbucks Kamakura Onarimachi Store

It was originally home of the Japanese cartoonist "Ryuichi Yokoyama." 
It was restored by Starbucks.
Scenery of the classic Japanese garden and swimming pool are remained.
Recommend to come and visit in spring and summer!
For special menus and coffee bean >> HERE

★ Starbucks Kamakura Onarimachi Store 
15-11 Onarimachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0012
TEL: 0467-61-2161
8:00-21:00 / closed irregularly
 Official site (Japanese)

F. Great Buddha of Kamakura

Great Buddha of Kamakura is located at the Kotokuin Temple.
Landmark of Kamakura.
A bronze statue of Amida Buddha designated as a National Treasure of Japan
with the height of about 11.4 m and Weight of 121 tons!
It is tall as a 4-story building. 
You can imagine how huge it is!

★ Great Buddha of Kamakura(鎌倉大仏)
4-2-28, Hase, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0016, Japan
TEL: 0467-22-0703

Opening Hours:
<General visit>
8:00-17:30 (April–September)
Visitors may enter up to 15 minutes before the temple closes.

For details>> HERE

G. Hasedera Temple meet the lucky deity

  • Entrance of Hasedera Temple
    Entrance of Hasedera Temple
  • A stunning view from Kannon Museum
    A stunning view from Kannon Museum
  • Lucky deity (Jizo statues地蔵)
    Lucky deity (Jizo statues地蔵)
You know what?
There are three set of Jizo statues can be found in three places in Hasedera Temple.
 If you can find them all and take pictures,
good luck will come to you.
Because of this, it is quite popular to young ladies recently in Japan.

★Hasedera Temple (長谷寺)
3-11-2 Hase,Kamakura, Kanagawa
Opening Hours: 
 8: 00-17: 00 (March - September)
 8: 00-16: 30 (October - February)
Admission is possible until 15 minutes before closing
Admission fee: 
Adult 300 yen / Child 100 yen
Official website : (English)

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