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Wondering Where to Stay in Tokyo? Check out This Newly Opened Hotel near Ningyocho and Nihonbashi!

◪​Tokyo's Retro Area Filled with Unique Food - Ningyocho◪​

Ningyocho meaning "Doll Town", and is one of the most prosperous, traditional areas since the Edo period. It is home to the first kabuki theater, Satsuma Kiriko cut glass (a traditional Japanese glass cutting art), and a traditional Japanese puppet theater "bunraku" (文楽) which made it a big center for doll productions (puppeteers, doll making, selling, etc.). Aside from being an interesting, less touristy side of Tokyo, there are so many different foods and drinks to explore in Ningyocho. Lots of cafes and food stands making it great for grabbing something and eating on the go, as well as old unique and traditional Japanese restaurants, international food, and craft beer bars. The food/drink selection in Ningyocho is something to look forward to. 

This time JAPANKURU wants to recommend a newly opened hotel in the Ningyocho area, S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki (エスペリアイン日本橋箱崎). It is only a 5min walk from Tokyo City Air Terminal, and close to popular spots like the Edo Tokyo Museum and the Japanese Imperial Palace. Not only that, it is convenient to get to and from the airport which is often a concern.  

S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki (エスペリアイン日本橋箱崎)

If you want to experience the fast and fulfilling life of the international city of Tokyo but don't want to stay in a hectic and crowded area, then S PERIA INN HOTEL which is in a quiet place is suitable for you. It's a newly built building with a lot of new and convenient facilities for making your stay comfortable and stressfree.


🏨S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki
⏰ Check-in 3pm / Check-out 11am
💻Official website

◪​Good Location, Convenient Transportation◪​

  • Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT)
    Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT)
    Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT) is a bus transfer station near the highway that takes you to and from both Haneda or Narita Airport. If you take the Airport Limousine it will take you 5mins from S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki. For those coming in from Narita Airport, there is a special deal for foreigners that will save you money on transportation.

    One way - 1900yen
    One way (without foreign passport) - 2800yen 
    "Super Saver 4" (4 tickets) - 7200yen (1800yen/ticket) 
    TCAT Special (buses after 7pm from TCAT) 1000yen
  • Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Suitengumae Station
    Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Suitengumae Station
    Just a 5min walk from the hotel is the Tokyo Metro Suitengumae Station which has the Hanzomon Line. If you want to go to Tokyo Skytree, Omotesando, Shibuya, and other places, you can go straight there without a transfer!
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Ningyocho Station
    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Ningyocho Station
    A little further away, you will reach the Tokyo Metro Ningyocho Station which has both the Hibiya and Asakusa Line. The Hibiya Line is more convenient, and you can go directly to Roppongi, Akihabara, Ueno, and Tokyo Tower (Kamiyacho Station). Hatchobori Station is connected to the Keiyo Line which will take you to Tokyo Disney!

Great Services for Guests

  • A stylish, open spaced lobby. 
  • After you check in, you can get a free drink of your choice!
  • Of course, basic utilities like a washing machine is at your dispense!

Different Rooms for Each Travelers' Needs

  • Corner Single Room (コーナーシングル)

    Good for those who are traveling alone.
    The room is well light and has plenty of room for your luggage.

  • Standard Single Room (スーペリアシングル)

    This room has a bigger bed giving you tons of room to relax
    and comes with a unit bath. 

  • Double Room (ダブル)

  • Hollywood Twin Room (ハリウッドツイン)

Both of these rooms come with a non-unit bathroom.

Hotel Room Amenities

  • Multiple USB sockets near the beds.
  • Bedside reading light.
  • Necessary bath products also available.

Breakfast at S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki

  • S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki's breakfast is a combination of Western and Japanese food. Among some of the Japanese dishes are two things that are special to the area. One of those dishes is the bowl of "rice! in the picture above which as a local traditional dish from the Edo era "Fukagawa bukkake meshi" (深川ぶっかけめし). Containing Manila clams (あさり), Japanese honewort (みつば), and ginger, it is said its origin is being an everyday meal for fishermen during the Edo era. This was our first time trying let alone seeing Fukagawa bukkake meshi served, and was impressed with its unique yet not overbearing taste. Then when it comes to drinking Japanese milk, most people aim for milk from Hokkaido. But at the hotel, they serve a rare milk that is from Tokyo! Another first for us, we didn't even know milk was produced in Tokyo! So if you stay at the hotel be sure to give this a try as well!

    The dining space itself is well lit and the counters have sockets for you use allowing you to just take your time, relax or work if you need to during breakfast. 

Things to Do near Ningyocho

Being a place with an Edo-style vibe and entertainment, there are a ton of great and famous food places in the area. Here are a few recommendations if you decide to stay at S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki.

Suitengu Shrine - A shrine that is famous among hopeful couples and expecting mothers in Tokyo that are hoping for a safe and easy childbirth.

🍱Oyakodon at Tamahide - More than 250 years old, one of the most popular places to sit down and eat. 

🐟Taiyaki at Yanagiya -  It is one of the major taiyaki places in Tokyo and is often featured on Japanese TV. Commonly filled with sweet bean paste, but you can choose other flavors like custard. 

🍶Yakitori at Ikkyuu - Yakitori (chicken skewers) is always a popular food in Japan. This particular store that has been around for years is located near Suitengu. 
Ningyocho is a really neat place in Tokyo that is still unknown to a lot of foreign tourists, which in our opinion is more the reason to stay here. You get the same Japanese cultural experience you came here for but at a more non-touristy, local place. We really enjoyed staying the night at this hotel mainly because it allowed us to take advantage of some unknown sides of Tokyo. So if that is something you are looking for, we highly recommend staying at S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki.

🏨S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki
⏰Check-in 3pm / Check-out 11am
🛏️Book a room here!
💻Official website
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