Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

Tokyo Accommodation 2015.07.28
Awarded as Michelin Guide hotel
  • Hotel in front of Tokyo Station, awarded as Michelin Guide hotel
    Hotel in front of Tokyo Station, awarded as Michelin Guide hotel
    3-minute walk from Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit Here we come to our destination today. Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo was newly opened in 2009. Before, it has become [Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo] It was Ryumeikan Ryokan (Japanese Inn) founded in 1899. That is why it has 100 years of history. So it has developed from a traditional ryokan to hotel in Tokyo. from generation to generation Its Japanese hospitality and the fusion of the tradition and modern culture and art, show us it is indeed a Michelin Guide hotel!
  • History of RYUMEIKAN Ryokan
    History of RYUMEIKAN Ryokan
    [Ryokan Ryumeikan Tokyo] was opened in 1963 in front of Tokyo Station. Getting along with the speed of development of the Japanese economy, Ryumeikan from the traditional ryokan become "RYUMEIKAN Corporation." After the fancy traditional Japanese restaurant was opened, and the renewal of Yasesu RYUMEIKAN in 2009, all led to the birth of today's [Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo].

15F lobby

Can't you feel the refreshment when you come off from the elevator of the hotel in 15F?

Wow!!!  A super elegant good view is greeting us!

Oh!! It is Hanagoyomi Restaurant on the side of front desk, where guests enjoy their breakfast there!

Speaking of Hanagoyomi, it is a top class Japanese cuisine restaurant,

located at Roppongi!!!

  • Pursuit of excellent quality of sleep
    Pursuit of excellent quality of sleep
    Bed at Ryumeikan Hotel provides high satisfaction to the guests What is the difference from other hotels? "Air weave," a kind of special mattress is used (except single room) Why it is good? It is said that some of Japan's leading sports stars would bring it with them to the competition oversea. It makes you feel like sleeping on the air to feel less unsurpassed pressure on your body.
  • Standard Room 32.5㎡
    Standard Room 32.5㎡
    Spacious and comfortable standard room What a perfect combination of the red wine and wooden texture traditional ryokan. It sets a calm tone of the whole atmosphere.
  • Space for reading books
    Space for reading books
    Wooden desk of Scandinavian style A sound proof room helps us to concentrate on work!
  • Western
  • Japanese
  • High-quality bathroom with sufficient supplies
    High-quality bathroom with sufficient supplies
  • Shower room with rich amenity
    Shower room with rich amenity

Feel the Japanese hospitality

How to choose a hotel?

Spacious, luxury, convenient transportation and facilities?

Although everyone has different standard, 

no doubt you are interested in the history of a Michelin Guide Hotel!

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

which is awarded as "Michelin Guide Hotel" for four consecutive years.

It is Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo.

Rooms: 135 (Premium / Single / Twin / Double / Triple / Forus / Universal

Check-in / Check-out time: 14: 00/11: 00

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Basic Info
NameHotel Ryumeikan Tokyo
Address1-3-22 Yaesu Chuo-ku Tokyo, JAPAN
StationTokyo Station
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