Sanadahimo: Japanese Traditional Woven Straps

Kansai Culture Traditional 2020.02.06
Have you heard of Kumihimo? There is a kind called Sanadahimo. Sanadahimo has a long history and has deeply rooted in people’s lives.
Recently, we had the chance to visit a shop in Kyoto called Enami. Sanadahimo is a kind of Kumihimo and here at Enami, they have been making these braided starps for generations.
  • Kumihimo is a kind of a Japanese traditional craft, which originally came from other countries like China and others as strings and cords that tied up items or as decoration on items used in Buddhist ceremonies. 
  • *Left: Twisted Rope, Centre: Kumihimo, Right: Sanadahimo

    The use of these Kumihimo spread across Japan, especially in the Kansai region. Sanadahimo was one of the kind that was made in Kansai and was used for many different purposes because it had a tougher, more durable, structure compared to the original Kumihimo.
  • They were mainly used for Japanese armours,
  • straps to carry around guns. 
  • or even Japanese Katana swords.

  • Sen no Rikyu especially favoured this particular kind of straps to tie his boxes that kept his tea goods.
  • The three “head houses” of the Senke each had different color straps for their families to tell which family they belonged to and even had hidden threads used in each of their straps as well.
  • The current use of these strings are for accessories like these key chains, 
  • and neck charms.
  • Also for the thongs of Japanese sandals.
  • Even for dog accessories, 
  • and bracelets.
The use of these straps are endless!
What would you use these straps for?

Sanadahimo Enami 真田紐師 江南(Jp) is located close to the Kawaragojo Station at, 
"Tonya-dori, 430, Shonincho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto" (map).
Open Hours: 10 am - 5 pm Thursday to Tuesday
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