Shufoo Helping Small Businesses by Providing Free Information Distribution Service

Nationwide Culture Shufoo 2020.03.15
Shufoo, an online digital flyer service run by One Compath Inc., a subsidiary of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., that covers over 3600 Japanese companies with over 10 million monthly active users, is now offering free service to supporting small businesses by providing free information distribution service. The service includes the use of Shufoo’s platform to reach out to users by sending timeline advertisements sending out store information and photos. The service has been available since the 10th of March till the end of April.
The outbreak of Coronavirus has forced businesses to alter their open hours and has caused lack of supply of items like masks and disinfectants. Realtime information like this is now valued by both parties as a business and consumer, and Shufoo aims to fill this current gap by providing free timeline posts so businesses that never used their services can reach consumers and so consumers can receive useful information.
  • Sample images of the timeline posts
Some information from Shufoo! (jp) are shared on “TABIDO”, a Japanese tourism information providing service provided by Toppan, for Inbound tourists.
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