Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Shifted to 2021

Tokyo Culture 2020 2020.03.25
The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected the Olympics and Paralympics games to be postponed until 2021. Now officially announced.
According to livedoor NEWS official Twitter account, the following details have been announced relating to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

・The Olympic games have now been postponed till 2021
・It will be the first in history where an Olympic game has been postponed.
・The 2021 Olympics will be held by July at the latest.
・Cancelling the game is currently not an option.
・The name of this game in Japan will still be called the "Tokyo 2020".
・ Ticket holders and the volunteers will be treated accordingly with care.
・The torch relay will be postponed.
・The marathons will still be held in Hokkaido even if the games will be held during the season other than summer.

Furthermore, the chairman of the IOC (International Olympics Committee) has published a letter to the global athlete community covering details about this matter.
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