Test your Japanese Skill! The Japanese speech contest in Musashino University

Tokyo Culture 2015.09.29
Discover the talent of those who pursue Japanese language study through International Education and admire a Japanese speech contest of students from various countries.
# Study Abroad ♪ Begin your dream of studying overseas in Japan!! - The Japanese speech contest in Musashino University-
# Study Abroad ♪ Begin your dream of studying overseas in Japan!! - The Japanese speech contest in Musashino University-



School Information:  4-year university (found in 1924)

School location:  Musashino Campus: Shinmachi 1-1-20,  Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo 

Ariake Campus: Ariake 3-3-3, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Departments:  *Literature Department / Department of Human Sciences / Environmental Sciences / Department of Education / Department of Pharmacy / Nursing (Musashino Campus)

*International Communication Studies / Faculty of Law / Department of Economics

Political Department of Economics / Department of Human Science / Environmental Studies (Ariake Campus)

Number of students: 7,000 (including graduate students)

Number of Professors: 1,020 


Official Homepage 

http://www.musashino-u.ac.jp/english/   (English) 

http://www.musashino-u.ac.jp/ (Japanese)


If you have any questions, 

you can refer to 


(English is fine!)

  • Tokyo International Exchange Center
    Tokyo International Exchange Center

    The venue  for the contest is located in Odaiba, Tokyo.

    Many exchange activities for students in Japan and abroad have been held her!

  • Not only Japanese Students but....
    Not only Japanese Students but....


    The conference hall was filled with students from various countries

    As mentioned before, there are many students from Asian countries like China and Korea.

    But this time, we saw students from around the world.

    Wow!!! This is truly the forefront of the international exchange!

  • What kind of event is it?
    What kind of event is it?

    The event is jointly organized by the [Japan Student Services Organization] and [Musashino University].

    As part of the research of Japanese language education,

    students and professors from the Musashino University,

    as well as students from Korea, China, the United States and other universities in the world and well-known professors participated.


    It is a presentation for discovering talents in Japanese language study in the field of International Education

  • Never too late to Learn
    Never too late to Learn
    Learning and studying is 
    not only for the young!
    This 60- year old student was talking of her experiences in Japanese.
    Yes, that's right! It's never too late to learn!!

    Can you feel her passion?
    Taking respect for your elders to a whole new level!
  • Showing all their preparation and effort was not in vain
    Showing all their preparation and effort was not in vain
    Through the nerves, they perservered!
    The sincerity in there eyes, their strength and courage.
  • Great Job!
    Great Job!
    At the end of all the speeches
    participants were awarded prices and souvenirs.
    Everyone's speeches were incredible.
    Whether they are fated to stay in Japan or return to their countries,
    they will no doubt benefit from this experience.
  • Partaking in language without culture would be as if to deny yourself a complete experience.
    Of course foreign students also take part in Taiko drumming!
Coming to Japan, not only to learn the Japanese language
but the culture as well.
International exchange activities of Musashino University are the way to go!

Take action!
Don't just sit and dream, but take action to make it come true!

Your dream place; Tokyo, Japan
A promising rich variety of exchange activities available to international students
at Musashino University

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Basic Info
NameJapanese Speech Contest
AddressShinmachi; Ariake
StationShinmachi; Ariake
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