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Tokyo Culture 2015.10.05
International exchange should be at the foundation of all our lives. There are so many different ways to see, experience, and interact with the world around us. Join us as we participate in the international exchange activities of Musashino University
BBQ with Japanese students
BBQ with Japanese students
This BBQ will be held by the "GHC" at Musashino University
But what is the GHC?
Musashino University offers international curriculum composed of various languages, and courses mainly in Japanese.
[Department of International Communication Studies]
There are a lot of international exchange activities including Japanese culture experiences prepared for the students.
"Global Headquarters Club (GHC)" is just one of the communities. 
It is a good chance for both Japanese and foreign students to interact and communicate. 
  • Let's put the books aside
    Let's put the books aside
    This gathering of over 100 Japanese and foreign students together serves as a welcome BBQ party for freshmen and foreign students.

    How many languages can you introduce yourself in? With students from all over the world attending, this event offers the chance to make friends who speak various languages but have come together for the love of Japan and pursuing studies here.
  • Here's to great times with great friends!
    Here's to great times with great friends!
    Well-done, over-grilled, medium rare???
    There are plenty of different flavors from different countries!
    What a delicious and joyful BBQ!

    Musashino University information:
    School Information:  4-year university (found in 1924)
    School location:  Musashino Campus: Shinmachi 1-1-20,  Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo 
    Ariake Campus: Ariake 3-3-3, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Department components:  *Literature Department / Department of Human Sciences / Environmental Sciences / Department of Education / Department of Pharmacy / Nursing (Musashino Campus)
    *International Communication Studies / Faculty of Law / Department of Economics
       Political Department of Economics / Department of Human Science / Environmental Studies (Ariake Campus)
    Number of students: 7,000 (including graduate students)
    Number of Professors: 1,020 
Make your study abroad better!
Make your study abroad better!
Join the community!!!
Create memories and friends that'll last a lifetime.
Regardless of heritage or background, 
this is unquestionably a precious time for everyone.
We all share this lush green Earth, and the International programs of Musashino University are one step towards breaking down borders that divide us.

In the future you may flashback to the past, 
to the warm memories of studying abroad in Japan and lead a life with no regrets!!

Thanks for inviting us to the BBQ of GHC community!!
JAPANKURU supports buddies studying abroad in Japan always!!!

Official Homepage 
http://www.musashino-u.ac.jp/english/   (English) 
http://www.musashino-u.ac.jp/ (Japanese)

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Basic Info
NameMusashino University
Station20-min walk from JR Higashi Koganei Station
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