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Tokyo Entertainment Robot restaurant discount 2018.10.24
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The Most Entertaining Restaurant in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is the place when looking for nightlife entertainment in Tokyo, particularly Kabukicho. Tall buildings, bright lights, glamorized Japanese hosts trying to charm you to their bar, all night izakayas and bars, pretty much anything you can think of. What is probably the GOD of Kabukicho though? It is the highly famous ROBORESTAURANT

Being die-hard fans, JAPANKURU has been to Robot Restaurant so many times throughout the years. This time though, we heard things have gotten an upgrade so we decided to see what has been done!

It is such an easy place to find, just go into Kabukicho and let the bright lights guide you. There are two new robotic beauties who have recently made their way to the front entrance waiting for everyone. We were surprised just how revived they were! Just like before, it is totally fine to climb up and take loads of pictures.

💰 Entrance fee: 8,000 yen/person (with JAPANKURU coupon: 6,000 yen!)
*doesn't include a meal, can add lunch box for an added 1,000 yen*
⏰Length of the show: 90 minutes
Business hours: 4:00pm to 11:00pm
Inquiry hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Online reservations here!
📞 03-3200-5500


  • Open up a discount COUPON image in a JAPANKURU Robot Restaurant article.

  • Show the screen to the staff and you will get the discount on the spot!
    Or feel free to print it off and show them.

    Valid until 12/31/2020

A Few Things To Remember

  • Once the doors open, you head up to the golded out waiting room on the third floor. There you can just hang out and take pictures, get drinks, and listen to a short musical performance before the main doors open to the seating area.
  • During the performance, you can take all the pictures and videos you want!! But they do ask that you do not use flash and that you turn off your WIFI so that it does not interfere with the WIFI the robots are connected to.🚫

2019 NEW! Robot Restaurant Must See 1: Wind and Drum MIX Robot

The show combines huge, out of this world robots and dancers/performers. The seats are lined up directly to the floor leaving practically no space between you and the robots. 

The opening sets the tone with crazy robots, dances, and traditional Japanese wadaiko drum performance. While there has been this show before, this year they introduced new robots, costumes, and a few more things to change it up. So even if you have come to see the show before, it will still have a new look.
  • The robot is completely different from the "green oni" we saw last year!
    This year seems to be more futuristic with some Japanese flair.

The whole show is like a circus, but with robots.

2019 NEW! Robot Restaurant Must See 2: Laser Show Incorporating Robots

  • There is also a laser show performed by dancers and now they added a robot into the mix.
    It is almost like being at a rave.

2019 NEW! Robot Restaurant Must See 3: Robot Wars!!

Other than having laser shows and robots parade in front of you, there is an actual show put on. The whole thing was like a Power Rangers movie being shot right in front of us! The show includes plots, dialogue, and of course, battles! The show is in Japanese but there are English subtitles accompanied along the screens on the walls so if you curious what is going on you can check them out. 

Both the ones who protect the earth and the evil invaders got their weapons and minions upgraded!

  • As mentioned above, there is ZERO distance between you and the whole show. But the dry ice beams, flames, and what not are effects so there is nothing to worry about! Everything is perfectly safe!
  • The show is really mind-blowing!
    Even if you are not into robots, you will surely have a beyond fantastic and thrilling time!
    How do you think the battle will end?

2019 NEW! Robot Restaurant Must See 4: Robot Samba Parade

For the finale, there was a Robotic Samba Parade! 💃💃 It was just as "Wow! What's happening!?" as the opening. You won't know where to look next! This super lively show is the perfect grand finish!

The opening was more of a futuristic Japanese style,
where the finale is more of an international fusion.
You are sure to see all sorts of styles, robots, and more that were not in the show before.

Tokyo Robot Restaurant

World travel site TripAdvisor has selected Robot Restaurant as one of Japan's most visited sightseeing spots. And after going it is understandable why it is. You can go to any of Tokyo's other theme restaurants, bars, clubs, and none of them will come close to the sort of time you will have at Robot Restaurant. After the show, you can enjoy looking around Kabukicho and Shinjuku. There are plenty of things to do and see in the area! A lot of things have changed at Robot Restaurant, but it is still the great nightlife entertainment everyone loves! If you have not been yet, we strongly advise you add it to your "Places to go" list and go!
💰 Entrance fee: 8,000 yen/person (with JAPANKURU coupon: 6,000 yen!)
*doesn't include a meal, can add lunch box for an added 1,000 yen*
⏰Length of the show: 90 minutes
Business hours: 4:00pm to 11:00pm
Inquiry hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Online reservations here!
📞 03-3200-5500
※Don't forget to use the 2,000 yen coupon!!!※

★IF YOU MAKE A RESERVATION ONLINE: Please be sure to select CASH as the payment,
then show the reservation number and coupon at the Ticket Counter on the day of your show.
If you select to pay with card, the coupon cannot be applied.

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