#Tokyo Nightlife ♬ ROBOT RESTAURANT is the Ultimate Nightlife Entertainment in Tokyo

Tokyo Entertainment 2017.12.04
The Ultimate Nightlife Entertainment in Tokyo
  • There is plenty going on in one of the biggest places in the world. What do you do once the sun goes down though? You could go to bars and clubs, but why not take it up to the next level and go to a place that will make your head explode. We're talking about Shinjuku's red light district ROBOT RESTAURANT. Everybody knows about the Robot Restaurant in some way or another. We have always wanted to go too, and thanks to a special discount ticket that we got online, we were finally able to!!!
    Robot Restaurant is a dinner show that features an array of dancers, special effects, and outlandish robots. The ROBOT RESTAURANT first opened up in 2012 and you used to see massive big breasted robots being dragged along the streets of Tokyo advertizing their new opening. Now though, they don't need to self-advertise anymore because this robot themed entertainment place is popular beyond belief.
    We asked the staff and apparently to keep up the excitement, they do a new show concept 4 times a year. Our favorite over all was the opening!! Drums, kimonos, onis (demons), samurais, robots moving all over the place... It was like a Japanese war call before a intense battle. 
    The concept this time was an international carnival, opening with Japanese taiko (drums), 60's America, and Brazilian samba! The performers and the robots make a great team. It makes it where it can appeal to anyone! Robot lovers, performance lovers, dance lovers, excessive color and lights lovers, anyone! No one is left out here.
  • Once you enter Kabukicho, you walk less than 5 minutes and you'll see this sign in the picture above. Here you can buy and/or pick up your ticket(s)! If you pay by cash, just buy it at the ticket machines. All you need to do is select the correct show time. 
    If by card, please go to the counter. DON'T FORGET YOUR 2,000 yen OFF COUPON AT THE COUNTER!!
    *If you purchase ticket at machines, press the button of discount amount [6,000 yen]! 
  • ※Valid until 12/31/2018
    ※Please confirm with Robot Restaurant before using the coupon. 
    Robot Restaurant reserves the right to refuse the coupon.​
    You'll get 2,000 yen off right on the spot!
  • Once the doors open, you head up to the golded out waiting room. This room right here, is everthing we've ever thought Kabukicho to be like!!!!
  • The you can just hang out and drink while you listen to a small musical performance that incorporates two robotic guitarists🎸🤖 
  • Then out of no where... COMES A TENGU!!👺 The tengu made its way up stage and drank nihonshu (Japanese sake), with any 5 guests that wanted some. Then if you wanted a picture with the tengu, you could get one!
  • When you enter the performance room there are seats, that sort of look like school desks, on either side. The seats are pretty close together, just so you know! We took our seats and used that time to get some popcorn and beer. *soft drinks and other snacks are also sold!
  • The lights go out and BAM! The opening of yelling demons riding massive neon colored robots while doing a traditional Japanese wadaiko drum performance. It. was. awesome.
  • After the opening, it was like story time. And boy what a story it was. The story was more toned down, it felt like a live action Kung Fu Panda, Power Rangers, Rambo, and Transformers play all in one. It just becomes a battle of robots and the performers characters. It's pretty cheesy, but SO entertaining!! We had a good laugh. Everyone had a good time and that's what counts! :)
Many Westerns come to the Robot Restaurant, and after being there ourselves we can see why. The investment they put in to this dinner show is beyond expectations. Some of us are already planning our second trip back!!

🚉Closest station: Shinjuku, roughly 5 min walk from the station
*if coming by JR, go out JR Shinjuku East Exit
*if by Tokyo Metro, go out Exit B9 from Shinjuku-sanchōme Station
💰 Entrance fee: 8,000 yen/person 
(*doesn't include meal, can add lunch box for an added 1,000 yen*)
⏰ Business hours: 4:00pm to 11:00pm
Inquiry hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Online reservations here!
📞 03-3200-5500
Basic Info
Address1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
StationShinjuku Station
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