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Spots for flowering view of hydrangea and stunning view of Kamakura

Meet with Enoshima

Gokurakuji Station (極楽寺駅) is one of the stations along the Enoden(江ノ電).

The station name was taken from the ancient temple that has been there since the 13th century. It opened in 1904 and is well-known for its ancient wooden structure. It was even selected as one of the "100 Top Stations in the Kanto Region."

Near the station, there is a Buddhist temple called Jojuin (成就院) , which is famous for the flowering view of hydrangeas. Don't miss the beautiful landscape on the way to Gokurakuji.

You might find that there are sometimes railway-lovers waiting for the coming of the train, hoping to take the best possible shot!

Let see the charm of the nearby area!

  • Hydrangeas in Jojuin
    Hydrangeas in Jojuin
    5-minute walk from the station, passing through the path toward the temple.
    There are about 108 stone steps; it is said that it is the same number as that of human troubles. 
    Both sides are planted with 262 hydrangea flowers, the same number as the words of the Heart Sutra (般若心経).
    What a stunning view of the whole Kamakura area.
  • Popular lucky charm of love (amulet)
    Popular lucky charm of love (amulet)
    The most popular amulets available at Jojuin are the red and blue ones, purchased by visitors who are looking for luck in the love department.
    These charms come in a unique rolled shaped, and besides the love-bringing luck, the charms also bring luck to your work and other personal relationships.

  • Jojuin Main Hall
    Jojuin Main Hall
    Head to the Jojuin Main Hall to worship the Acala, or "Wisdom Kings".
    Acala are a symbol of the family, happiness, auspiciousness and career success. 
    Of course, lots of young people come in hopes of finding some help for their love lives as well.

A Trip for Go-Shuin (御朱印)

What is a Go-Shuin (御朱印)?
Go-Shuin are seal stamps given to worshippers and visitors to Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. 

What's a Go-Shuin trip?
It's when you take a trip with the goal of collecting seals from different temples and shrines.
Generally, to collect seal stamps, people have their own collection books, which are sold at shrines and temples. 

Since the Edo Period, the practice has been growing in popularity.
Start your own collection, and bring the good luck of each temple or shrine all the way home with you!
  • The train is about to go, are you ready to hop on and find some of your own good luck?
Basic Info
Address3-6-7 Gokurakuji, Kamakura, Kanagawa
StationGokuraku-ji Station
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