Seafood Bowls in Hokkaido Are To Die For!

Hokkaido Food 2015.12.03
We sampled some delicious Seafood bowls from the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market and boy oh boy do we have a story to tell!

# Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

Massive Crabs! 
Walking through the market we were confronted by many sellers of fresh fish and crabs, making our journey all the more mouth-watering.
One of Japan's three famous views,  the Hakodate Asaichi (朝 一) gives you an amazing atmosphere to enjoy fresh seafood rice bowls in the market during the morning!

Transportation: 10 minutes by taxi from Sapporo Station
Hours: 6:00 to 17:00 average (depending on the store)


# Seafood Bowl Sapporo Central Wholesale Market Menue

Our quests to get Seafood bowls brought us to this bountiful delight.

How much is it you may be wondering?
Well....almost ¥2000 to ¥ 3,000 , just on seafood and rice.
Ridiculous? To some, yes. After coming all the way to Sapporo, Hokkaido, making our way to the fish market via taxi...
Have to admit, the price is a bit steep, eating a thousand  yen seafood rice bowl, but it's taste is something that can't be compared to anywhere else.
Surely, consider your investment if you're thinking of doing the same! No regrets !!!
  • # Crabs!!
    # Crabs!!

    Fresh giant crabs lined the streets of the market. Kept fresh in ice... ah I can taste it now!! So delicious!!
  • # Crab House Signs in Japan
    # Crab House Signs in Japan
    Just like Raku Dotonbori in Osaka, yes there are Crab Houses here as well! You'll recognized them by the giant crab signs outside the building. Even in the fall you can still find great weather like in this picture, but it may be a good idea to pack a jacket just in case the cold winds from the north pick up!

Eating Seafood Rice bowls!!

Seafood rice bowls present a complete diet with each bowl weighing in at about 650 calories. There are an assortment of styles and even an option to build your own if desired. The pictured bowl is comprised of tuna, salmon roe, and sea urchin sitting above rice.

Say Cheese for the Camera!

After a long adventure to the market, we can finally sit down and enjoy our seafood bowls. But before we eat, we need to take pictures of this memorable moment!

If you enjoy the high caliber seafood of Sapporo,
and you'd like to try a delicious seafood rice bowl,
Then the taxi ride from Sapporo Station to the Central Wholesale Market is our recommendation for you!
Check out this breif video from the Hokkaido Trip!

more info:
Basic Info
NameSapporo Central Wholesale Market
Address〒060-0012 北海道札幌市中央区北12条西20丁目2−2 札幌市中央卸売市場
Station10-15 minutes from Sapporo Station
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