Houtou, A Yamanashi Specialty

Chubu Food Noodle 2019.09.05
Another kind of noodle in Japan, this time from Yamanashi.

Got to try it if you're going to Yamanashi!

If you're planning to go to Mount Fuji, you're pretty much heading to Yamanashi (otherwise Shizuoka).
Since you're heading that way, why not try one of the local specialties?
  • Houtou basically is broad noodle cooked inside a miso-based broth with seasonal vegetables.
  • Some shops will have meat or seafood inside the dish as well.
    It is more of a winter dish that will warm you up on a cold night.
  • If you go to a restaurant, most of the time you will get a pot of it per person just like in the picture, but since it's a common dish in the area, if you, by any chance, get invited to a friend's house, it's normally cooked in one big pot.
  • Nice thick miso broth and noodles with a nice chew...... Delicious!
  • Like your food spicy?
    It goes very well with Shichimi (the Japanese chili powder with seven different spices) as well.
  • The restaurant that we can recommend would be Kosaku at Kawaguchiko (Map). 
    You will see the large waterwheel in front of the restaurant, so you shouldn't miss it.

    Let's go for a trip to Mount Fuji!
    Try the local cuisines!

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