Edible Ruby. Gather Around Salmon Lovers! Behold The Over Flowing Ikura-Don

Hokkaido Food Luxury 2019.11.15
Salmon caviar is one of the luxury ingredients in Japan. And when you have a bowl of rice topped with overflowing salmon caviar, that is a dream come true! This place in Hokkaido pours an incredible amount of Ikura, salmon caviar, on top of your rice.
Why do foods taste better in Hokkaido?
  • There was a survey conducted by the Brand Research Institute of Japan in 2018 and in that survey, there was a question asking "Which area has the best food in Japan?" in which over 60% of the people answered Hokkaido.
    Especially the seafood in Hokkaido has always been ranked first place and been loved by many people.
  • There was a research that said there are three different factors that contribute to this.
The best conditions for delicious seafood!

​1. The Oyashio Current

  • Image Source: Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department of Japan
    This is a special current that occurs around Hokkaido.
    In the southeast part of Hokkaido, the water around there is rich in various minerals, low in temperature and has low salt content, hence contributes to the growth of the fish.

2. Ryuhyo - Drifting Ice

  • Image Source: Hana's Chiebukuro

    Why is the drifting ice playing a vital role?
    It is actually not the ice itself but the plankton that comes with it. The ice comes from all the way up north from Russia, and the current that brings those ice also brings a lot of planktons which the fish eat.

3. The cold ocean water

  • Hokkaido is known for its cold climate, and the ocean is also a part of it.
    In order to survive the cold environment, the fish builds up on fats and meat becomes more tough, giving it that nice bite.
Visually Appealing Salmon Caviar Over Rice: The Ikura Don
  • With all those conditions mentioned above being met, Hokkaido has some of the best kinds of seafood!
    Look for the gem of the oceans, salmon caviar rice bowl is one of the specialties here.
  • Our acquaintance has given us a suggestion for a restaurant to try here in Hokkaido and Hachikyo was one of them.
    It's a very popular place so you will need to make a reservation in advance.

    Umi Hachikyo
    Address: FA-S3 Building 1F, Minami 3 Nishi 3 14-2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
    Open Hours: 18:00 - 23:00 Mon - Sun
    Hachikyo Official Website (En)
  • It is an Izakaya style restaurant with a perfect Japanese atmosphere.
  • It seems like many of the Japanese celebrities also visit here.
  • It's comfortable enough for a solo traveller to come and dine here as well.

    It being an Izakaya, they have a good variety of dishes to choose from as well.
  • Here comes the man with the gem!
  • What is he doing next to that customer there?
  • Can you see what he is up to?
  • Yes, you're right!
    He is carrying a huge amount of salmon caviar.
    If you order the famous "Tsukko Meshi" he comes around to pour the caviar over your rice.
  • How much of it do you want?
  • He will continue pouring until you ask him to stop.
  • Enjoy a mouth full of that delicious luxury!
  • This izakaya Hachikyo is only a minute walk away from the Susukino station.
    So on your next visit to Sapporo, take a train down to Susukino to enjoy this bowl of ruby red salmon caviar.

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