A Sake Brewery Tour at Urano Brewery in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture

Chubu Food Sake 2020.01.26
Our recent posts on Toyota city mainly talked about the sceneries to see in the area, but we also managed to go to see one of the sake breweries in Toyota.
Uranoshuzo, a local sake brewery in Toyota city has been handed over from a generation to another for over 150 years.
This brewery is famous for its Kikuishi range, which has been made in the same traditional way as it has been for the past 150 years. Available in different grades from Honjozo to Junmai-daiginjo, and the flavour varies from the dryer touch to the slightly more milder ones.

  • We were lucky enough to be there at the right timing as they offered us a quick tour of the brewery. This is not available for ordinary tourists, so we took a few photos.
  • That’s one huge rice cooker!
  • The rice then goes through a fermentation process.
    Which where we saw in real for the first time. We could hear the bubbles bursting on the surface like a gentle crackling sound.
  • Then the sake gets pressed and goes through several tanks to get filtered. This is a process that we couldn’t see as it wasn’t the time for the sake to go through this process yet.

  • There is a beautiful traditional gate that also belongs to the brewery which also makes this place worth stopping by on your trip. 
    So stop over at Uranoshuzo sake brewery on your visit to Toyota to enjoy the traditionally brewed sake!

    Uranoshuzo (map)
    Open Hours: Mon - Fri 9am -6pm, Sat 10am - 3pm, closed on Sundays.

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