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Izakaya of Akita Cuisine, where you will meet Namahage


Are you ready to meet Namahage?


POINT 1 : Feel the AKITA
Namahage Show everyday! 

POINT 2 : Taste the AKITA
Kiritanpo and all the local food!

POINT 3 : Drink all over AKITA
More then 39 kinds of Japanese Sake originally from Akita


An enigmatic space
9F of Nakajima shouji Building located in Ginza

It is a normal building though!
When you go up and step out the elevator,
you will be surprised by the interior!

Hi, Namahage lol

Mysterious space of Namahage

  • Let's enter the world of Akita!
    Let's enter the world of Akita!
    Warm light, luxurious decor,
    calligraphy signs!
    Welcome to the extraordinary world!
  • - Reproduction of a traditional home of Akita of 120-year history -
    - Reproduction of a traditional home of Akita of 120-year history -
    Spacious space, well-enough-height ceiling, 
    Tatami seat. 
    reproduce a Japan-like home 120 years ago.
  • - KAMAKURA designed VIP room -
    - KAMAKURA designed VIP room -
    From the concept of snow Kamakura festival of Akita, 
    individual white little houses are quite cute!

Foreign visitor-friendly menu!

All pictures are pretty understandable!
No worry of don't speaking any Japanese!

8 recommended dishes!

①Akita produced Japanese Sake

Sake of Akita made under 3 great conditions:
Excellent quality of rice, clean water and enthusiasm!

Let's me introduce you 3 out of 39 kinds of sake here! (Shown on the above pictures)
(LEFT) Noshiro sanponsen 能代 三本線

(CENTER)   Junmai Ginjo "Akita Gino" 天寿 純米吟醸 「秋田吟王」  Namahage Limited

(RIGHT) YAMATOSHIZUKU 山廢純米 (やまとしずく 山廃純米)

★ Price: 
* Cup (100ml) - 444 yen + TAX    (all kinds)
          *  Bottle ... (200ml) -  888 yen + TAX / (400ml) 1, 777 yen + TAX

  • ②Appetizer
    Welcome to the world of Akita!
    Simple local food!
  • ③Smoked Pickles (Iburigakko)
    ③Smoked Pickles (Iburigakko)
    Sake's partner!
    white radish pickles
    A little different from general pickle. 
  • ④Luxury grilled salted chicken (Hinai-dori)
    ④Luxury grilled salted chicken (Hinai-dori)
    Together with Nagoya Chicken and Satsuma Chicken, 
    it is known the three delicious chickens in Japan!

    Hinai-dori (Akita's chicken) are raised freely in the farm of Akita.
    Of course, in balanced diet!

    All chickens used in Namahage are directedly sent from Akita.
    Quality Assurance!!

⑤ Miso Dengaku (Rickcake) & ⑥ Kiritanpo Pot

⑤ Five Flavors: Sesame, edamame, miso chicken, seaweed 

480yen + tax each / 2300 yen+ tax (5 pieces a set)

Kiritanpo is a Japanese dish particularly in Akita Prefecture. Freshly cooked rice is pounded until somewhat mashed, then formed into cylinders around Japanese cedar skewers, and toasted over an open hearth.

⑥ 1,680 yen+ tax (per person)    order available from 2 persons

Kiritanpo is usually cooked in chicken soup or broiled with miso. 
A delicious hot pot with the best ingredients!
  • ⑦  Akita Komachi rice
    ⑦ Akita Komachi rice
    980 yen + tax (for 2 persons)   cooked 20~30 mins

    Together with Koshihikari of Nigata and Hitomebore of Miyagi,
    Komachi of Akita are the representative of Japanese rice brand!

    Komachi of Akita
    is raised under the good natural conditions of clean water, and fertile natural soil.
    Therefore, not only Japan,  
    it is being recognized by the United States, Singapore and South Korea. 
  • ⑧ Babahera Ice cream
    ⑧ Babahera Ice cream
    540yen + tax 

    Babahera Ice Cream is well known in Akita where you will find old ladies dressed in bright yellow and red aprons, a yellow headscarf with big warm smile peddling ice creams on most street corners. Babahera Ice Cream name came from the Japanese words baba / ババ , nickname for old women or grandmothers and hera / ヘラ, the ice cream scoop.

Don't you forget the Namahage Show?

No tips, no fee~

1st: 19:30; 2nd: 22:00 everyday

You know what?
you need to pass the test to be certified 
performing as Namahage!

Of course, all namahage here are certified!
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