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The Best Headbands for Washing Your Face and Face Masks from gonoturn🐻
🌈Shibuya, the Center of Youth Fashion and Culture🌈
For years Shibuya has been the gathering place for young people. Big department store companies started opening up in Shibuya as a part of postwar development, which resulted in Shibuya growing into THE shopping and entertainment center of Tokyo. Many foreigners know Shibuya for its Shibuya scramble, and even more important its subculture. Both are very important parts of the Shibuya image. Therefore when going to Shibuya you can expect to see many creative industries based on this subculture fashion ideal. One creative fashion brand that is a popular part of the Shibuya fashion is gonoturn.


  • Shibuya 109 is one of the most popular department stores for Japanese youth. The store we're introducing this time is inside. Just go to the 5th floor and you'll find a super cute mask store gonoturn
  • All of their masks are made of a super soft material that doesn't irritate one's skin at all. Of course, the masks are used as a cute fashion accessory, but they also work really well for protecting your skin from harsh weather and as an extra little pick me up for days when you're sick. 

🐻An Assorted Array of Masksミ☆

  • We were really impressed with the variety of styles. There are cute animals like cats, Japanese shiba, bears, owls, bunnies, and bigs. Or for those that want a more simple not so cutsie look, there are a variety of patterns as well as solid colors.
  • Each mask design has one that isn't in the package so you can try on the masks to see if you like them or not. Just tell the store clerk you'd like to try it on and they will give you a kleenex to put over your mouth and nose before putting the mask on (for hygienic purposes)💋
  • The character masks were probably our favorite though. They had some popular characters such as Sanrio, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Doraemon, and Astro Boy! Even masks in kids sizes are availableSomething worth mentioning is that these masks are washable👍


If face masks aren't your thing,
there is also a wide range of eye masks👀🌙
The eye masks are of course made of the same soft materials,
but the main point is the band that is a bit thicker
so it doesn't bother you regardless of how long you wear it. 



We weren't expecting to buy anything,
but you know how that goes.
gonoturn has a special Sailor Moon collection,
so, of course, we got a Sailor Moon headband🐰🌙
We love using it during our daily skin routines.

Lately you see a lot of beauty instagramers and youtubers with their cute headbands,
so if you want some cute ones of your own we totally recommend stopping by 
gonoturn to get a few.

🐻 ✪ FYI!!! ✪ 🐻
Currently, gonoturn is only planning on being in Shibuya 109 until January 2019! 
It may continue but we aren't sure yet.

🌈gonoturn Shibuya 109
🏢SHIBUYA 109 5th floor 

Do you have a favorite aspect of Shibuya fashion?
We wanna hear about it!
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Basic Info
AddressSHIBUYA109 5F, 2-29-1 Digenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo
StationShibuya Station
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