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Tokyo Shopping Japanese fashion 2018.12.17
Carefully curated items and a cafe in Omotesando Hills!
Lately, JAPANKURU has been introducing a lot of brand stores in Omotesando like agnes b. and HYDROGEN. This time we wanted to introduce a store, like HYDROGEN, that is also in Omotesando Hills and has a cafe/open space connected, URBAN RESEARCH. 


If you know a bit about Japanese fashion or frequently go to some of Japan's malls/department stores,
you may have seen this store's name pop up.
With a casual style with the aim of "designing your own lifestyle",
you can find the most current recommended fashion items from all over the world.

URBAN RESEARCH selects some of Japan's unique clothes offering a wide variety of clothes and accessories from formal casual to a more everyday casual. They want to offer a "self-fulfilling attitude towards life" with fashion.

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Omotesando Hills B3F
⏰Mon~Sat 11am~9pm/Sun 11am~8pm
Official website
URBAN RESEARCH in Omotesando Hills sells both men's and women's clothes, but after going there we felt a lot of the clothing and accessories were very gender-neutral. Due to it being winter when we visited, there were a number of deep colors but also a select number of colorful, totem printed sweatshirt articles which we felt brought a lively atmosphere to the repressed winter.
  • In typical winter fashion, wool and plaid designs are easy to find.
  • They even have limited 2020 Tokyo Olympics products.
Going clothes shopping most of the time is just going to the store and looking around, but for those who want a general idea, JAPANKURU asked the store clerks to recommend a few combinations that they felt were a must this winter. 
  • Normally bright oranges and reds in Japan are not worn, but URBAN RESEARCH recommends a bright orange-red knit top with a light gray side backpack. In their opinion, knitwear with a fitted waistline lengthens the proportion of the body. The one-shoulder side backpack has been popular for a long time but normally nylon material is sold. This time, URBAN RESEARCH has selected a leather shoulder bag. Basically, a fanny pack but Japanese people often wear it as a side backpack.
    Top, SAYAKADAVIS/59,000 yen
    Backpack, NEHERA/95,000 yen
  • If you already have a lot of "typical" coats in your closet, but maybe want to try something new, you may be interested in this coat. URBAN RESEARCH pushes this loose and soft version, which is easy to manage and adjust. 

    Jacket, ELIN/110,000 yen
  • If you are looking for a more typical winter jacket, then this gray plaid tunic jacket is very versatile with the gray color that is common in both formal or casual occasions. The soft material is light but provides warmth which is what makes a great winter coat.

In addition to a series of the more typical fashionable items, URBAN RESEARCH also sells several sets of items that are super warm that come from some high brand names. 
  • The brand Needles is well known in Japanese fashion, especially lately. Combining the "American casual style" with the Japanese designer spirit, it established a unique spot in the "trend circle". Its comfortable sportswear style with the chic all black tones, and the most representative butterfly LOGO is something Japanese people are coming more into. 

    Top, Needles/26,000 yen
    Pants, Needles/21,000 yen
  • TEATORA, which is designed to meet the needs of different styles of clothing design, is the most comfortable we have yet to see. Their jackets are designed with the modern nomad in mind. So each piece is specifically designed to have a dynamic storage capacity without compromising on aesthetics.

    Down jacket, TEATORA/26,000 yen
  • Harris Tweed from the UK is a classic brand of wool that symbolizes the elegance of British style. As the temperature gradually drops, URBAN RESEARCH staff mentioned that wool products are one of the first go-tos, so Harris Tweed's articles are known for their warmth making them a popular gift during the season.

    Wool gloves, Harris Tweed/URBAN RESEARCH
  • More and more we began noticing how often you see people, particularly men, in Tokyo with PORTER bags. Having the staff point out their PORTER brand just confirmed how popular the brand is in Japan. You can find their classic PORTER bags along with other new things we have yet to see before from the brand.
    Small bag & gloves, PORTER/URBAN RESEARCH


When walking up to the store we noticed a cafe connected to URBAN RESEARCH.
The URBAN RESEARCH at Omotesando Hills also has a "green bar" which serves light food and drinks.
They also have an open space which is a great place to just hang out and take a quick break.

  • ・open space・

    Even if you don't shop at URBAN RESEARCH,
    you can go to there as a general coffee shop.

  • ・when wanting something light food・

    Vegetable chicken and egg sandwich - 860yen
    Double Green Smoothie - 720yen

  • ・greenbar business hours・

    Mon~Sat 11am~9pm
    Sun 11am~8pm

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