The “Ohta Isan” Series of Japanese Digestive Medicine for the Family

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Introducing the Ohta Isan Series of Japanese Digestive Medicine
Taking care of Japanese stomachs for 140 years, "Ohta Isan".
Also popular among foreign visitors to Japan, this gastrointestinal medicine has become a standard item on many shopping lists as a "must buy item" while in Japan. The medicine can be purchased in most Japanese drug stores.
  • The 4 Varieties in the
    The 4 Varieties in the "Ohta Isan" Series We're Introducing Today
    Talking about Ohta Isan, many people's image is of a powdery digestive medicine that comes in a can, but there are actually many different varieties. These different kinds of medicine are classified depending on the stomach and intestinal symptoms, and the situation where they're being taken.
    We took a look at what ways each kind was effective.

① Ohta Isan

  • "Ohta Isan" powder type, the most famous variety.

    This general gastrointestinal medicine is made from seven herbal ingredients. General stomach distress, heartburn, and the discomfort that comes from drinking too much are all symptoms that can be relieved by using the included spoon and taking one scoopful (1.3g) of the powder.

    It can even be taken by pregnant women, but the effects will vary based on any individual's constitution, so it's a good idea to ask a doctor before taking it if concerned.

    Because this is the powder type, taking it gives you a familiar, refreshing feeling.
    This variety comes packaged two ways: a can with a spoon inside, and boxes with pre-portioned single-use packets.

Can Type

  • The standard can type.
    It comes in three sizes
Opening the can, you'll find an inner lid and a spoon. On the inner lid is a ledge made for leveling spoonfuls of powder, so the proper dose can be easily measured out and taken.

Packet Type (Ohta Isan <divided powder>)

  • The portable and convenient packet type.
    16 count/32 count/48 count
    The boxes come in three sizes.
    The contents are the same as the can packaging.
  • Each packet contains one dose of Ohta Isan digestive medicine.
The packet-type packaging is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in an everyday purse or bag.
It's the best choice for travel!

② Ohta Isan A <in tablet>

  • "Ohta Isan A <in tablet>", in the blue and yellow packaging.

    This series is specially formulated for stomach pain caused by overeating, particularly indigestion and that heavy overfull feeling. It helps when breaking down all the fat, protein, and carbohydrates in the stomach.
    It's useful for discomfort after eating an especially greasy meal.
    Because it's in tablet form, it's easier to take for those who don't like medicine in powder form, and it's convenient to carry around as well.
    It comes in two kinds of packaging, bottles and packets.
It's great to have around as a household medicine and antacid, since it's effective when a particularly oily meal leaves you feeling a little overfull and uncomfortable, at home or on vacation.

The Bottle

  • The bottle packaging.
    45 tablets/120 tablets/300 tablets
    The bottles come in three sizes.
  • Tablets with "A" impressions.
    You can take up to three at a time!

The Packets

Each individual packet contains the equivalent of the three tablet dose.
The packets are then grouped in threes, and there are five of these sheets in one box. That makes it the equivalent of 45 tablets.

③ Ohta Isan Drug for Controlling Intestinal Function

  • "Ohta Isan Drug for Controlling Intestinal Function", the third variety in the series.
    Just as the name implies, this medicine helps put your intestines in good order, and keep them in good condition.
    Many people assume this medicine must be a laxative, or an antidiarrheal, but its real role is to normalize the function of the digestive tract, creating a good intestinal environment and regulating the organ.
The lactic acid bacteria helps put the intestinal environment in order, and the herbal medicine helps improve the movement of the intestinal tract. This means it can improve the condition of sensitive stomachs suffering from constipation and diarrhea.
  • In this easy to take tablet form, bottles of 160 tablets or 370 tablets are available.
  • Three tablets at a time, three times a day.
    Being made of lactic acid bacteria and herbal medicine means that pregnant women can take it as well. Please let your doctor know you're taking it, though.

④ Ohta Chinese Herbal Gastrointestinal Medicine Ⅱ

  • "Ohta Chinese Herbal Gastrointestinal Medicine Ⅱ", in the pink packaging.
    This series is effective against gastrointestinal distress caused by stress. Rather than the discomfort that comes from eating or drinking too much, this medicine helps with neurogenic or chronic gastritis. If you suffer from stomachaches, loss of appetite, nausea, etc. that comes from work stress, exams, or family issues, this can help improve those symptoms.
It's a stressful society.

Your stomach already isn't in great shape...

Without warning, "Ow! My stomach hurts!"

At times like this, Chinese herbal medicine provides gentle care.
  • Tablet type.
    These tablets come in little packets, with three inside each. The boxes come in 54 tablet and 108 tablet sizes.
  • Powder type.
    The powder variety comes in boxes of 14 powder packets, and 34. Each packet contains one dose of easy to take, granular powder.

A Digestive Medicine Beloved in Japan for Many Years, “Ohta Isan”

As a popular series of digestive medicines and antacids in Japan, commonly found in households for many years, Ohta Isan's catchphrase "thank you, that's good medicine" is well-known throughout the country.
Taking advantage of all of the benefits of herbal medicine, it's no wonder Ohta Isan's natural effect has made it a beloved choice for so long.
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