Japanese “Nonpaper Towels” Are a Useful Surprise During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nationwide Shopping Nonpaper towels 2020.07.04
Worried about using and reusing towels during the COVID-19 outbreak? Nonpaper Towels might just work for you.
The COVID-19 has inspired a lot of creativity and inventive thinking, including a number of brand-new products (like special button pressers and door handles). But it has also been an opportunity for the world to discover new uses and appreciation for products already on the market, which is why the Nonpaper Towel has been making a splash (or perhaps soaking one up).
Nonpaper Towels take useful qualities from both fabric and paper towels, combining them in a way that makes them a perfect fit for living during the coronavirus outbreak (although we think people won't want to stop using them after the outbreak, either). Made entirely of rayon fibers, the nonpaper towels are strong and resilient like normal fabric, holding up well even when soaked with water, and stretching without a tear. But they're disposable like a normal paper towel―they can be thrown into the garbage without concern, and the base material (rayon) is even biodegradable. The product comes in thin and thicker types, varying slightly in terms of softness, strength, absorption, and flexibility.
The disposable nonpaper towels are praised for being soft on the skin, strong enough to get the job done without disintegrating in your hands, and still extremely hygienic. No need to reuse them and possibly spread any viruses!
The manufacturer, Ishoku Dogen, recommends them for a number of uses: dry your hands after washing (for 20 seconds!); use them in place of a washcloth to cleanse your face or dry it off; wipe down dusty surfaces, dirty kitchen counters, or grimy glasses. The list goes on, and here at Japankuru we feel sure we could come up with another dozen uses given some time. It's clearly a handy product to have around if you're trying to keep things clean and prevent COVID-19 infection. If you have any good ideas for what the Nonpaper Towel might be good for, let us know on the Japankuru twitter, instagram, and facebook!

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