Switch Out Those Tighty-Whities for New Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Underwear

Nationwide Shopping Demonslayer 2020.08.18
Who needs boring old boxers when you can have Demon Slayer designs on your butt?
Just weeks ago, all of us on the Japankuru team gushed over the new Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime goods being created at Japanese mega-brands Uniqlo and GU, and the first round of Uniqlo t-shirts just about sold out before we could even pick some up to wear to our favorite Demon Slayer sightseeing destinations. (Along with Demon Slayer temporary hair dye, of course.) Fortunately, though, the first handful of shirt designs wasn't all the two brands are rolling out this summer.

(We're still sad the Zenitsu THUNDER THUNDER THUNDER design from Uniqlo sold out just about immediately, though.)

Image Source: GU

As it turns out, the GU brand's line of Demon Slayer merchandise isn't just limited to t-shirts, and they've got one particular item we're excited about: underwear. That's right, when these products go on sale in late August this year, lucky customers will be able to purchase GU boxer-briefs featuring some surprisingly classy Demon Slayer designs. The prettiest of the bunch might just be the pink and green Nezuko boxers, but since we're fans of Zenitsu 'round these parts, the orange gradient is popular, too.

Image Source: GU

And while the extra-simple maroon underwear is unsurprisingly based off of Tanjiro's iconic happi jacket, it looks like the final design isn't based on Inosuke's pretty face (or his boar head), but the jacket of "widely-disliked" Giyu Tomioka. 

We await the incoming fanart with more than a little trepidation. And worry.

If you're in Japan, you can pick up your own pair from the GU Demon Slayer page later this month. For more updates and info from Japan, follow Japankuru on twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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