Have a date this spring! Cherry blossom viewing journey in Japan!

Tokyo Shopping Cherry blossoms 2016.04.14
Look great for your next hanami (花見, cherry blossom viewing) date!

Have a date in Spring

Spring is a very beautiful picture.
It is a world of flowers,
fascination, love and vitality.

Let's have a date with this fantastic season in Japan!
Enjoy a wonderful time!

Have a date with cherry blossoms

Makeover before dating

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Have a picnic under the Cherry blossoms trees

# Let's spend the time together under the cherry trees!

Have you experienced Hanami (cherry-blossom viewing) in Japan?
In Japan, it has been a kind of seasonal culture for a long long time. 
Occupy a good place under the cherry trees, 
enjoying delicious food and drink and beautiful cherry blossoms at the same time. 
Many people say that Spring is a romantic season! 
Wanna have a beautiful and happy memory, 
Let's try to have a new styled makeup this spring with CANMAKE!

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