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Tokyo Shopping 2017.01.30
Tips for pink makeup 2017 by CANMAKE
How romantic! 
A color represents Spring
Use it in different situation to express the charm of its color!

Latest trend
2017 Spring/Summer make up style in Japan!
Pink makeup!!!

4 Must-have items
- CANMAKE Pink makeup-
01. Perfect Stylist Eyes
02. Stay-on Balm Rouge
03. Glow Fleur Cheeks
04. Candy Wrap Lip

Before starting a pink makeup

You need a Marshmallow Finish Powder.
940yen + tax

Step 1 Eyes make up

"Eye shadow changes gradually from pink to brown"
Decorate the end of the eyes with a little bit pink color.
Please use the colors from the A >> C >> D order
At last, don't forget to put on the topping jewel!!! 
♥Add some extra points on your eye-makeup!
Topping Jewel Eyes

★Perfect stylist eyes
780 yen + tax 
Color: 03
With a two-head pen of tapered applicator tip and lame brush 
For more details:  Canmake (English)


Step 2 Blush makeup

"A radiantly translucent blush-pink of lavender color "

Adjust the brightness of the blush
Easy to adjust the volume applying on the cheek by the given brush!
Tip:  Draw an inverted triangle!

♥Add some extra points on your blush-makeup!
Use the lavender color to adjust shininess of the cheek color.  

★Glow Fleur Cheeks 
800 yen + tax
Color:  08
Contain FOCUS POWDER moisturizing ingredients and make the pores invisible 
For more details: Canmake (English)

Step 3 Lip Makeup

"Achieve the fullest of the lip color and make them look abundant"
  • Moisturizing your lips at the pink makeup!

    Lip and gloss, having good water retention.
    Strengthen the color of the lips 
    and keep a pair of long-lasting moisturizing lip.

    ★ Stay-on Balm rouge
    580 yen + tax
    Color: 06 
    SPF 11  PA+
    Ingredients: honey, shea butter, squalene, pomegranate essence and propolis essence
    Ancestral oil, olive oil, wild rosehip oil, grape seed oil and Hawaiian nut oil
    For more details: Canmake (English)
  • Care about the texture! Apply a layer of lip gloss
    to make you lips look juicy and abundant!

    ★Candy Wrap Lip
    580 yen + tax 
    Color: 03
    Ingredients: honey, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, ancestral ballet oil, olive fruit oil, mango seed oil, royal jelly essence
    For more details: Canmake (English)


Before & After

(Left) Cool beauty
(Right) Sweet pink lady

Just a simple make up, 
you can transform your style easily!!


  • ★TRANSPARENT FINISH POWDER PP (PP  Pink Pearl) 940yen + tax
    Familiar series of  the Marshmallow Finish Powder PL
    Not only the lavender pearl color but also the pink pearl color!

    550 yen each + tax 
    01 Pink grey/ 02 Space blue/ 03 Bronze gold
    These three colors are not only waterproof, but with pearl,
    easy to create a different look!

    ★Artist Color Eyeliner Pencil
    550 yen each + tax
    Artist color eyeliner pen B01 bright black
    Good to draw a very fine line, waterproof series
    Black color

    ★Super Aqua Slimming Eye Makeup 
    600yen + tax
    Super Aqua Slimming Eye Makeup No.09  LOVELY PINK
    Use of only three colors to create a sense of volumed eye makeup
    New colors for this series~

    ★Cream Cheek 
    580yen + tax
    Various kinds of colors area listed up.
    Of course, you can find the pink one!

    For more details:
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