Yokohama Shopping Spot! JOINUS

Kanto Shopping 2017.04.18
directly connected to JR Yokohama Station

JOINUS, a large-scale shopping center directly connecting Yokohama West Exit

If you area thinking to go for a trip to Yokohama,
looking for shots for shopping and gourmet,
JOINUS is the spot you'd better check it out!

Shopping Time: 10:00~21:00
Restaurant Time: 11:00~23:00
※Open time will be varied to part of the stores and restaurants.
Access:  1- min walk from JR Yokohama Station West Exit

① MUST-CHECK for foreign travelers B1F Tax Free Counter

JOINUS operates an integrated Tax Free Counter with a popular department store "Takashimaya."

※JOINUS Tax Free Counter
· Location: JOINUS  B1  (10: 00 ~ 21: 00)
Takashimaya 1F (10:00 ~ 20:00)
1. Tax-fee procedures are only possible on the day of purchase.
2. No return is allowed after procedure is done.
 (excluding items purchased at Takashimaya)
3. Handling fee of 1.1% of the total item will be deducted.
4. Please expected time for completing the whole procedures.
5. You can also claim tax free at Yokohama Takashimaya Tax Free Counter.

② Stores to focus Store1 Yokohama- specialty shop "Handkerchief Gallery" @ B1

· Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00
  • A handkerchief brand
    A handkerchief brand "Handkerchief Gallery"
    "Handkerchief Gallery" is a handkerchief specialty shop located on the B1 of 

    A handkerchief is not only as a hand towel, 
    but a fashion item to decorate in a breast pocket of a suit jacket.
    Besides, there are handkerchiefs used in everyday life.
  • Yokohama limited items
    Yokohama limited items
    In particular,  the handkerchief of the design which imaged Yokohama is the most popular!
    You can only purchase at JOINUS.
  • A store selling fashionable modern designed handkerchiefs
    A store selling fashionable modern designed handkerchiefs
    In fact, it was founded at the time of port opening in 1879.
    Yes! A handkerchief shop that celebrates the 138th anniversary this year!

②Store2 Comics Heaven Japan large-scale bookstore Yurindo (有隣堂) @ B1

  • Large-scale bookstore
    Large-scale bookstore "Yurindo" (有隣堂)
    "Yurindo" is a large-scale bookstore on the B1F of the JOINUS.
    Not only the latest magazines,
    but also books, comics, various educational books, etc. are available.
  • Hand-written messages from popular cartoonists
    Hand-written messages from popular cartoonists
    "Yurindo"  in  JOINUS 
    is holding a various kind of "book fair."
  • Paradise of Comics
    Paradise of Comics
    It seems many people would go to the bookstore
    to buy the latest fashion magazines and comics when they visit Japan.

②Store3 Natural Cosmetic Specialty Store "LUSH" @ 1F

· Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00
  • Experience the unique scent at the cosmetic specialty store
    Experience the unique scent at the cosmetic specialty store "LUSH"
    "LUSH" is a handmade cosmetic brand made from organic fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers.
  • Free Trial
    Free Trial
    Characteristic of LUSH is 
    you can experience the real bubbly soap in front of the store,
    you can smell the unique scent.
  • 200 kinds of items,
    200 kinds of items,
    No use of chemicals harmful to our bodies, 
    against animal experiments,
    An unique brand and company.

②Store4 Handmade Accessory Specialty Store "COTOMONO MARCHE" @ 1F

· Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00
    Latest handmade products are loved by many accessory experts in Japan.
  • Everything is handmade. 
how exciting to meet the only one accessory of oneself.
    Everything is handmade. how exciting to meet the only one accessory of oneself.
    It is so exciting to meet different kind of accessory at different timing.
    you can find a variety of accessory materials at the corner of the store.
  • Material corner in the store.
    Material corner in the store.
    Use these materials to create accessories of your own designs.

②Store5 Organic Life Specialty Store "Biople by Cosme Kitchen" @ 2F

· Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00
  • "Biople by Cosme Kitchen" gathering all organic products
    Gathering all organic products
  • Healthy organic food
    Healthy organic food
    Organic products are good for body. 
    But how about the taste and package?
    in lower quality?

    Instant soup with colorful package,
    Amazake (sweet sake) in glass bottle.
    Nice taste, cute design!
    Eating organic good everyday probably will make you healthier!
  • Healthy organic food
    Healthy organic food
    Including organic cosmetics, plants, miscellaneous goods, etc.
     Considering health is also a kind of trend.
    Many people would like to take a look to the assortment of products recently.

②Store6 Ladies shoes Specialty Store  ORiental TRaffic @ 4F

· Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00

③ JOINUS 40 restaurants & cafes! "JOINUS DINING"

@ B2F  JOINUS, West Exit of Yokohama Station 
There are 40 restaurants and cafes. 

Not only shopping but also restaurants and cafes can be found in  JOINUS.
Japanese food, Western food, Chinese food and etc ... 
 a total of 40 gourmet shops and restaurants.

If you have troubles to find delicious restaurants in Yokohama, 
come to JOINUS.
Convenient indeed, 
plenty of genre will get you in trouble as well!
At this moment, 
we have come to here!
 "Japan Ramen Afuri"  (あふり 阿夫利)

Japan Ramen Afuri (あふり 阿夫利)

Ramen soup is based of chicken, seafood, and seaweed
with fresh accent of yuzu .
That is the characteristic of this Japan Ramen Shop.

Water used for based soup is the natural water from Mt. Afurisan in Kanagawa.
Last but not least,
on the top is the meat roasted by charcoal! 

JOINUS, large-scale shopping center connected to Yokohama Station West Exit

After knowing everything of JOINUS, 
no need to be in trouble of finding gourmet spots
and you'd better prepare a shopping bag before visiting Yokohama.

Trip to Yokohama!
Let's get it started at Yokohama Station!
Basic Info
Address1-5-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
StationYokohama Station
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