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Kanto Shopping 2017.09.21
Yokohama Shopping Mall That's next to Yokohama Station
Yokohama is a city south of Tokyo and was one of the first Japanese ports opened to foreign trade.
Its atmosphere is totally different from that of Tokyo's. More open and free with lots with lots of areas to hangout. 
  • The 3 Keyword Symbols Representing YOKOHAMA

    1. The port town representative of Japan
    2. A gorgeous romantic city
    3. Popular date spot

Yokohama has buildings and culture influenced by the West as well as the port. The night view of the beautiful port town of Minato Mirai attracts of course Japanese visitors but also people from all over the world!

Yokohama Shopping Center JOINUS

  • JOINUS is a large shopping center, with over 400 shops!! There are a wide range of shops for all your wants and desires👜✨ Anyone and everyone in Yokohama knows JOINUS is the place to shop.
  • 0 minutes from Yokohama Station!
    0 minutes from Yokohama Station!
  • You are taken straight there by going through the West Exit.
    You are taken straight there by going through the West Exit.

Since JOINUS is connected to the West Exit of Yokohama Station, even if it rains or snows, or if it's a super muggy Japanese summer day, JOINUS is definitely in the best location. You can get there easily and go shopping without worrying about sweating or other weather conditions! 

In this article, we would like to once again present JOINUS's charm that we weren't able to mention in our first article.

‣Location: 1-5-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi ward, Yokohamama, Kanagawa Prefecture
‣Supervisor's number: 045-316-3200
‣Business hours: Shops 10am ~ 9pm
      Restaurants 11am ~ 11pm
*Business hours depend on the shop/restaurant.
‣Directly connected to JR Yokohama West Exit
Facebook Link
‣Official Site Link - JOINUS Homepage (Japanese) JOINUS (English)


Fun Thing's for the House!
  • GEORGE'S takes various kinds of miscellaneous goods used in everyday life such as fashion, interior goods, and kitchen supplies.
  • Their kitchen supplies corner has a lot of fun but useful items for sale. It was so much fun seeing all the things they had we lost track of time! (^-^)
GEORGE'S is PACKED with interesting and and inventive items.
It was like we were taken to an adult playhouse! 
If you get tired of your current home interior,
how about switching it up with the miscellaneous goods of GEORGE'S?!

Location: B1
Hours: 10am ~ 9pm
Official homepage:

(2) Steak Joint

  • "Steak Joint" is a specialty steak store located on the restaurant floor at B1.
    Steak Joint's interior theme is a US's southern sort of theme. You'll see what we mean if you notice the giant Texas flag and cow print booth! It's a super popular gourmet restaurant in JOINUS that many go to if they're hankering some beef.
  • The steak was consistently juicy and tender!! There are also three different steak sauces available; original, garlic onion, and wafuu (Japanese style) for those who want to play around with the taste.
  • Their roast beef combo is also to die for! It may looks like it's your regular tender roast beef over a bowl of rice, but we promise you it's unlike anything you've ever had before.
Steak Joint  Location: B1  Hours: 11am ~ 11pm  Official homepage: Cardenas Page (Japanese) TripAdvisor

(3) Bunmeido (文明堂)

117 Years Tradition Castella Specialty Store 
  • 'Bunmeido' is a castella specialty shop that boasts being around for 117 years of history this year. It is one of the most famous and well known castella shops in Japan - originating from Nagasaki prefecture.
  • We bought one for ourselves to eat at the hotel, but Bunmeido's castella also makes a great gift! For that reason, there's a 'Castella with a Message' section in a corner of the shop. If you put in a request one week in advanced, you can enter a name and/or message!
Bunmeido 文明堂   Location: 1st floor Hours: 10am ~ 9pm Official homepage: Bunmeido HP (Japanese)

(4) KBF+

Simple Yet Chic Women's Fashion Brand
  • "KBF+" is on the 4th floor of JOINUS and is a fashion brand that has gained great popularity among women in Japan for its unique, simple, and modern design. 
  • It's style reflects the latest trend while it sticks to its unique character as a brand. We think that those who are in tune to trends and those who value individuality will be highly satisfied with this brand store!
KBF+  Location: 4th floor  Hours: 10am ~ 9pm  Official homepage: KBF+ (Japanese)


Hypoallergenic Cosmetics Made Naturally from Plants
  • "HOUSE OF ROSE" on the basement floor is a cosmetic brand whose main ingredients are natural.
    House of Rose cosmetics is developed to cherish all types of skin producing low irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin, you should try some!
  • For example, their #1 popular series Milcure Pure is a cosmetics series that moisturizes thoroughly using milk serum protein (whey) from cows who were fed natural grass in Hokkaido.
  • During our visit, there was also a cool mint cosmetics "Mintleap" series that is perfect for the hot summer season. The mint lip series is made of nine different kinds of natural oils with a refreshing fragrance such as lemon, mint, and rosemary. As it keeps your skin moisturized with plant-derived ingredients, you get a cooling sensation without the irritation since there's no alcohol added!
HOUSE OF ROSE Location: 1st floor Hours: 10am ~ 09pm Official homepage: House of Rose (Japanese)

3 Noteworthy Points about JOINUS

POINT 1: While Shopping, Get a Makeover from atelier haruka PLUS HAIR CUT

  • atelier haruka is generally a salon that is mainly made up of hair, makeup, dress rental on the second floor. Sometimes they even have special campaigns where you can rent yukatas! 
  • When it is necessary to get pampered from head to toe, at times like wedding ceremonies and parties, you can get everything needed done here at the same store!
atelier haruka PLUS HAIR CUT  Location: 2nd floor Hours: 10am ~ 9pm  Official homepage: atelier haruka (Japanese)

POINT 2: Don't Forget to Check the Tax Free Counter!

  • JOINUS has a tax free counter that only is available to foreign tourists! When you visit the duty free counter on the basement 1 floor, they'll tell you all that you need to know to get tax exemptions.

    -Location: JOINUS B1
    -Operation time: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00 
    Yokohama Takashimaya 1st floor (10: 00 ~ 20: 00)
  • NOTES:
    1. Tax exemption is limited to day of purchases only.
    2. Returned goods after tax exemption procedure can not be done. 
    (Some Takashimaya items are not eligible)
    3. 1.1% of eligible item price will be tax exemption fee.
    4. It may take some time for tax exemption procedures, 
    so please visit when you have plenty of time.
    5. You can also receive tax exemption service at 
    Yokohama Takashimaya Duty Free Counter.

POINT 3: JOINUS's rooftop garden - JOINUS's Forest (ジョイナスの森)

  • On the rooftop of the JOINUS building, there is also special area called "JOINUS Forest Sculpture Park".
    The made the spot to be like a forest with lots of sculptures and trees on the rooftop, with the hopes that everyone would use it.
  • Since there are always a lot of people around Yokohama Station, there aren't many places in the area where you can rest. The garden on the rooftop of JOINUS is a perfect place to do so, mostly because it's free!! 
    What could be better than that?! 
JOINUS's Forest (ジョイナスの森) Opening hours: March ~ Sept 10am-6pm   Oct ~ Feb 10am-5pm

Shopping at Yokohama! It Isn't a Choice, It's a Must - JOINUS!

Basic Info
Address1-5-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi ward, Yokohamama, Kanagawa
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