Kuromon Market: Where Osaka Natives and Travelers Alike Chow Down

Kansai Tour Osaka 2019.04.19
It's nicknamed "Osaka's Kitchen" for a reason!

Get Right to the Heart of Osaka's Food Scene! Or, Maybe, the Stomach?

While travelers have slowly been drifting over to Osaka's Kuromon Market over the past few years, this gem of a destination is still largely populated by locals, and thrums with real Osaka spirit. The market was originally named Kuromon (黒門, literally "black gate") after a large gate at a nearby temple, which unfortunately burned down over a hundred years ago. As if to defy that ill omen, though, the Kuromon Market grew from a handful of fishmongers and thrived, earning the more recent nickname of "Osaka's Kitchen." An appropriate moniker if I've ever heard one! The food-focused market is packed full of a huge variety of grocers, and is home to an increasing number of sit-down eateries. Located in the Namba area of Osaka, a stone's throw from the ever-popular Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi area, Kuromon Market is worth a visit from anyone who wants to dive deeper into the Kansai food scene.

A Dream for Street Food and Seafood Lovers

Having started as a traditional market mostly made up of seafood vendors, you'll find that some parts of Kuromon Market really haven't changed all that much! If you've got a kitchen where you're staying and you want some ridiculously fresh fish straight from the ocean, the market's got you covered. But the market has of course expanded over the past century, and you can also find a great selection of fresh vegetables, meat, and even some non-food items for sale. There are nearly 170 different sellers at Kuromon Market! If your dream is to create a delicious and varied six course meal from scratch, using just ingredients you get right in Osaka, well consider it a dream come true. You could even pick up the cooking utensils and serving dishes here, if you want!

As for most travelers, who are maybe just looking for a snack (say... some grilled squid on a stick?), don't worry, you'll find plenty of that as well. The market even has some seating areas, which is a relief to many browsing the numerous options (plus, it's generally frowned upon to eat while walking in Japan). After gathering up an armful of skewers and small food containers, you can sit down with your bounty and dig in. It would be hard to leave Kuromon Market without a full belly!
  • Choose your own freshly grilled seafood!

  • Decadent grilled oysters.

  • Traditional Japanese winter fare: oden!

On top of the many shops that give you your food to go, the number of eat-in restaurants and cafes in the area has been on the rise. If you want your food brought directly to you, you can certainly sit down in one of these newer additions, and eat your way through all of the classic Osaka dishes. Since the local restaurants take advantage of the abundant fresh groceries as much as anyone, the food you eat will be on another level.

The most important thing to remember before getting to the market, really, is to arrive with an empty stomach and a full wallet! (Because you certainly will not leave that way!)

Immerse Yourself in Local Flavors at Osaka's Kuromon Market!

Fresh seafood, high-grade cuts of meat, fresh produce, deliciously prepared delicacies, Kuromon Market has it all. For the more adventurous among us, you can even eat fugu (ふぐ), or puffer fish! (Which, as we've discussed before, is really very safe at any reputable restaurant in Japan! And is truly delicious.) Be sure to visit and check it all out, and let us know if you find any places that stand out from the crowd!

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