The Must Go Destination in Chiba! Tokyo Aqualine and the Umihotaru

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Driving under water? Umihotaru is a parking/ service area that exists on the surface of the Tokyo bay.

A pipeline underwater connecting Chiba and Tokyo.

Driving under water? Umihotaru is a parking/ service area that exists on the surface of the Tokyo bay.
This tunnel underwater cost 1.44 Trillion JPY and took 30 years to construct, with 20 years of planning and 10 years to do the work, and opened on 18th of December, 1997.
The pipeline consists of the bridge that’s 4.4km long and a tunnel built using the Shield Method for 9.5km long, and lies 60m below water surface.
A facility that exists right above the center of the tunnel is called “Kaze no To” meaning “The Tower of the Wind” is there for the purpose of exhausting the air.
In 2017 it was elected as one of the “10 of the world's greatest tunnels” by CNN
This pipeline connects Chiba and Tokyo’s capital area with a shorter travel distance. That’s 65min down to 20min getting from Haneda Airport to Kisarazu.
Umihotaru, designed to look like a big cruise ship is five stories high, with
Level 1 - 3 being a car park.
Level 4 being a shopping and sightseeing floor.
Level 5 being a restaurant floor with a observatory deck.
If the weather is good you will have a panoptic view overlooking at the Tokyo Bay and Mt Fuji.
  • This view reminds you of a cruise ship!
  • Umihotaru, Open 24/7

Umihotaru (The Tokyo Bay Aqua Line Umihotaru PA)

Address: Umihotaru, Shimachisaki, Kisarazu, Chiba
Open Hours: 24 hours

Official Website

The Evening View from the Umihotaru

The view that you get from the Umihotaru is also another pleasant sight.
You can see Mt. Fuji towards Yokohama, Kawasaki direction.
You should be able to see the Tokyo Tower and the famous Sky Tree as well.
You should be able to see the aeroplanes crossing in the sky as well.
Plenty more photo location near by as well.
Especially if you’re renting a car, Umihotal is one of the must go spots!

Souvenir shops!

At the 4th level of Umihotaru is the shopping and sightseeing floor.
You’ll find so many local produce here as well.
  • Like these peanuts! These are Chiba’s most famous local produce.
  • The instant spicy Tan-Tan noodles look good too!
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