Don't Leave the Airport!! No, Really.. Don't!

Hokkaido Tour 2015.11.25
Many feelings arise when talks of airports reach the table. For many, it's generally a very sad place. A last chance to say goodbye before someone leaves for a really long time. But for most, it's a destination for a new beginning, with only the sky as your limit! However, what we found in Sapporo's New Chitose Airport was quite impressive.

New Chitose Airport

Anyone who travels to Sapporo will most likely be flying into New Chitose Airport because it's actually the main international airport for Hokkaido. 
Although I've used several airports nationwide, by comparison as an airport itself, I've found that I enjoyed New Chitose Airport more than I've ever guessed. It's clean, offers many amenities and is overall very beautiful.

New Chitose Airport Homepage

The New Chitose Airport, like many other airports in Japan, have a bunch of souvenirs shops, which is great for those who forget to buy souvenirs before their trip back home. The Omiyage corner of the airport is always a great choice to find those must have gifts representing Hokkaido as well.
  • #3rd Floor New Chitose Airport entertainment room
    #3rd Floor New Chitose Airport entertainment room

    Various interesting shops line this family fun center-like section of the airport. For example there are Doraemon related shops, a ROYCE Chocolate Factory , etc.
    We've planned a variety of shops to see on our trip including the Doraemon Sky Park, a dedicated park to enjoy a variety of themed rides and a large Doraemon!!

    - Park entrance fee 
    (3 years old free)
    Adults 800 yen
    Junior and senior high school students 500 yen
    Youth-Infant 400 yen

    Did you know that New Chitose Airport could be such a relaxing place? ^^
  • Royce Chocolate World
    Royce Chocolate World
    See an free exhibition of the history of Royce Chocolate including the chocolate production process by Lloyds Chocolate World theme!

    Hours 8:00 to 20:00
    Royce Chocolate Website
  • The most popular spot is this (アイキャッチーな)sign at the entrance.
    The most popular spot is this (アイキャッチーな)sign at the entrance.
    The famous "Hokkaido ramen dojo" at The New Chitose Airport
    This ramen street is home to the 9 most famous ramen restaurants are gathered from all over Hokkaido.

    - Ajisai  (あじさい)
     - Sapporo Ramen Yuki Akari  (札幌ラーメン雪あかり)
     - Sapporo Ramen Baiko Ken  (札幌ラーメン梅光軒)
     - Men-ya Kaiko  (麺屋 開高)
     - Men Dokoro Shirakaba Sansou  (麺処 白樺山荘)
     - Sapporo Miso Ramen Senmon-ten Miso Keyaki  (札幌味噌拉麺専門店けやき)
     - Ganso Chitose Ramen  (元祖ちとせラーメン)
     - Ebi Soba Ichigan(えびそば一幻)
     - Ramen Sora (ラーメン空(そら)

Taking JR line to Sapporo station

A direct train is available to get from the New Chitose airport to the heart of Sapporo city. The amazingly smooth ride serves as a precusor to the amount of fun you will have in the city. Be sure to arrive early and snag a seat so you can relax comfortably. 

Fee: ¥1,030
Time: about 38mins.

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Basic Info
NameNew Chitose Airport
Address〒066-0012 北海道千歳市美々
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