The Good Old Steam Locomotive Trains in Saitama

Kanto Tour Steam locomotive 2019.08.26
You don't see these trains anymore around the world very much, but here in Saitama, they still run across the Chichibu area in Saitama.

The Steam Locomotives in Japan

Steam Locomotive Trains, 【蒸気機関車:じょうききかんしゃ - Joki Kikansha】also called SL in Japan, first introduced to Japan during the mid-nineteenth century, and slowly fell out of use across the country for everyday transport. However, some local train lines have brought steam engines back onto the tracks for leisure purposes, and Chichibu Railways is one of them.
  • The SL run by the Chichibu Railways


The PALEO EXPRESS run by the Chichibu Railways start at the Kumagaya station and goes to Mitsumineguchi station close to one of the entrances to the Chichibu Tamakai National Park. The whole ride goes for about two hours and forty minutes. A nice long relaxing ride to enjoy the nature around Saitama.
For those who are curious, here's a link to the timetable in Japanese.
  • The train at Kumagaya station
  • Grab your train ticket and go for a ride!
  • Well maintained interior of the train with comfortable seatings and airconditioning.

Get to know the area

You will see the Nagatoro river where we did the river rafting on the way and goes on towards Mitsumineguchi station close to the Geo Gravity Park Chichibu where you can try Canyon walks and the Canyon Swing.
Have a nice ride away from Tokyo and enjoy the Nature of Japan!

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